7 Beautiful Night Makeup That Makes Your Face Glow

7 Beautiful Night Makeup That Makes Your Face Glow

Bela, to those of you who have confessed a fanatic You must know that the needs of the skin in the morning and in the evening are different. If in the morning the skin needs protection from the sun, pollution and dirt, then at night the skin needs to be well hydrated during the night. Along with these different needs, of course, we also need to take care of the product skin care which is used in the morning and at night.

To improve the condition of the skin at night it takes a habit skin care ad hoc. According to research, hydration levels in the skin begin to decrease at 15:00 and continue to decrease at night. So the product skin care which is used at night is recommended to contain ingredients that can tighten the skin and stimulate the formation of collagen so that the skin remains firm.

Well, let the skin stand brightHere’s a beauty routine at night that makes the face bright Good morning, let’s read this article to the end!

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1. Double Cleaning After Work

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Double clean It is a ritual that you must do after the day’s activities outside the home. You can use micellar water / cleansing balm to carry the remains makeup that adheres to the skin, then continue using a face wash that is suitable for your skin type. Remember, choose a product two purifications thick so as not to irritate the skin.

2. Using Face Toner

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Benefit toner on the face it offers many benefits, one of which is providing water to the skin after two purifications what you up to. For those of you with sensitive skin toner with content Aloe vera or chamomile which can cool the skin, but if you have sensitive skin you can use them toner with salicylic acid content that can make the oil content more stable.

3. Using Medicines Based on Skin Problems

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To get the look of the skin brightproduct needed skin care which works according to your wishes. Well, don’t forget to use serum to make your skin look good bright after use toner. Choose a serum with ingredients that lighten the skin like alpha arbutin, vitamin C, bakuchiol and others. Don’t forget if you want the appearance of your skin which is also tight and painful, choose a treatment with a high antioxidant content!

4. Use of Moisturizer

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The lock has a nice leather look bright One of them is that you should not lose your advantage moisturizer. Products moisturizer which is designed to maintain the hydration of the skin and helps to regenerate the skin during the night. Use the product moisturizer which is suitable for worry skin and it contains ingredients that can moisturize the skin like hyaluronic acid, peptide, ceramide etc.

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5. Use Facial Oil to Lock in Moisture

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For those of you who have dry skin, it is for use moisturizer at night is not enough. Lock in skin moisture by applying more face oil behind moisturizer. This way, the skin will be soft during the night and you will wake up in the morning to find that your skin is softer and still feels dirty.

6. Drink more water

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Keeping skin hydrated can’t be done just by using products skin careYou can keep the skin moist from the inside. The method? Increase water intake before bed. Remember, the recommended amount of water in one day is 2 liters or the equivalent of 8 glasses. So, let the skin stand bright make sure you balance the water needs in the body!

7. Regular Skin Care

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Remember to get the desired results in skin care requires consistency. Well, to achieve these results, make sure that this night ritual can be done regularly, right, Bela!

These are 7 secret nighttime beauty habits that can make your skin look brighter bright despite being exposed to sunlight, pollution and dirt during the day. Who used to do these 7 rituals every night, Bela?

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