6play offers “K like Korea”; A collection of Korean series and programs

6play offers “K like Korea”; A collection of Korean series and programs

Discover the “K for Korea” collection of 8 Korean series and programs on 6play in partnership with K-Selection now for free on M6 Group’s streaming platform.

Free and available now HERE on 6play.

LOVECATCHER 2 (Available February 27th)

LOVE CATCHER streaming free

5 men and 5 women in a magnificent house: love should be there, right? But beware of appearances, some are not there for love, but for money.

LOVE CATCHER streaming free 6play

Hidden among the Love Catchers are Money Catchers who pretend they can only win the $50,000 jackpot.

EXCHANGE (Available from March 13th)


Reality TV show in which eight former couples meet in a house. Will they go to their ex or will they take the opportunity to start a new love story? There is only one rule: your ex must remain a secret from the other residents!


The reasons why you will love Yumi'cells

Yumi is an ordinary office worker who has trouble expressing her feelings, despite the fact that tiny cells in her brain are actively working for her, managing her feelings and problems.


She meets Wung, a casual but very romantic man at first glance, and they both develop feelings for the other.


Shooting Stars ended with a disappointing rating

One of the country’s most popular stars, Gong Tae Seong is used to living in the spotlight. With the eyes of the world constantly on him, he does his best to keep a smile and calm.

Shooting Stars ended with a disappointing rating of

Despite his appearance and his kind and polite character in the eyes of others, the only people who don’t believe in his good personality are those who work for the Star Force Entertainment agency.

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5 Kdramas starring Lee Jong Suk to watch

In the year 2000, Ha Myeong leads a happy life alongside her parents and brother, until the day her father suddenly disappears in a factory explosion.

With the latter’s body untraceable, the media took up the affair by blaming him for the incident.

Pinocchio 6play

Years later, Ha Myeong, who eventually grew up in In Ha’s family and took the given name Dal Po, decides to become a journalist like In Ha, who can’t lie without immediately getting the hiccups.


6play offers

After a chance encounter in Los Angeles, two teenagers from different backgrounds find themselves in an exclusive high school attended by children of Korean high society.


  Doctor John 6play Drama Coreen free

Cha Yo Han is a promising doctor and a genius anesthesiologist. He is the youngest professor at his medical school. It is nicknamed “10 Seconds” because it only takes 10 seconds to understand a patient’s condition.

As he becomes known for his extraordinary abilities, he is confronted with a patient who will change his life.


k collection hallyu 6play drama Coreen gratuit

Lee Jin Wu is a truth-seeking reporter. Seo Jeong In is also a dedicated journalist who is passionate about her craft. The only difference: the first is in 2015, the second in 2020.

Times drama

Despite this time difference, the two journalists contacted each other by telephone. Together they will try to avoid the assassination of South Korean President Seo Gi Tae, who is also Jeong In’s father, but Jin Wu and Jeong In will soon have to face a terrible truth…