’65 – The Land Before’: A new dinosaur-packed trailer of the Adam Driver movie

’65 – The Land Before’: A new dinosaur-packed trailer of the Adam Driver movie

A new trailer of 65: The Land Before has been released by Sony Pictures. In this feature film, Adam Driver plays the pilot of a spaceship who is forced to crash his ship 65 million years ago on a mysterious planet that will turn out to be Earth.

The tension keeps rising. After surprisingly showing a first trailer for ’65: The Land Before’ in mid-December, Sony Pictures has just unveiled a second, equally captivating one. In this sci-fi film, Adam Driver plays Commander Mills, the pilot of a spaceship that crashes on an uncharted planet after being hit by an uncharted asteroid. He and a girl named Koa are the only survivors of the crash.

The pilot quickly understands that they are on Earth. But 65 million years in the past when dinosaurs ruled the place. The official synopsis states: “With the only chance of being rescued, Mills and the sole survivor, Koa, must roam uncharted territory populated by dangerous prehistoric creatures in an epic fight for survival.”

The scenario raises several questions: Will we learn that they – and not an asteroid – are responsible for wiping dinosaurs from the face of the earth? Is the asteroid that hit the ship the one that will crash on Earth after being deflected from its trajectory?

Written and directed by A Quiet Place writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, and produced by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man), ’65: The Land Before’ promises to be a film set between ‘After Earth’ and “Jurassic World”, possibly with a hint of “Interstellar”. The film will be available in France from March 15th.

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