6 Ways To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets, Midnight Hunt

6 Ways To Buy Cheap Airline Tickets, Midnight Hunt


Travel with airplane Tourists often choose to fly, especially if they want to go abroad. The time factor is a consideration when choosing air transportation.

However, recently the price plane ticket it increased. This has made tourists who want to board a plane to be careful not to have their pockets punctured.

Before traveling, many people usually consider first how much they will pay for the plane ticket. Because, of course, the effect can reduce expenses during the trip, because there is money that must be budgeted for other needs such as accommodation and food.

Getting cheap flight tickets is really a challenge for travelers. Let’s look at some of the ways that you can get cheap tickets, as summarized from different places.

1. Travel During Low Season

Air fares tend to be lower if low season or when the least number of people visit a place. Lesser conditions in Indonesia it usually occurs in mid-January to April or September to early December.

The opposite of that low season, the great season This is a busy time for traveling people. The big season in Indonesia it usually happens during holidays, school holidays, and the end of the year. While the great seasonthe price of the plane ticket will be more expensive.

2. Use Promos and Discounts

Most airlines will certainly offer various promotions or discounts to attract customers. Well, you have to start hunting for these sales or discounts, because they are usually limited.

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For you to get plane ticket with advertising, it usually takes more effort from the traveler. Online Travel Agents (OTA) or airlines also hold flash sales. There are also airlines that offer discounts when using certain bank charges.

3. Buy tickets in advance

It is common knowledge that if you buy a ticket in advance, the ticket will be cheaper. Well, to order a plane ticket, you should do it 2 or 3 months before departure.

Because, the best time to book a flight ticket is usually a maximum of 5 weeks before the departure time. There is also a valid ticket purchase day, which is Sunday with a departure time of Thursday or Friday.

3 Other Ways to Get Cheap Airline Tickets