6 Types of Hair Problems, Causes, and How to Overcome Them

6 Types of Hair Problems, Causes, and How to Overcome Them


Hair problems are not limited to hair loss anymore the girl. There are some types of hair problems that are common to everyone. Different problems, of course, different reasons and ways to overcome them.

There are at least six types of problems in it hair which is common.

Like a crown, hair is an important part that supports a person’s appearance to be attractive. No wonder, people take care of their hair health and avoid damage.

Before doing a hair treatment, you should first identify the following types of hair problems. The goal is that the treatment can produce the expected results.

Here are all the hair problems you need to know.

1. Loss of hair

Hair loss is one of the hair problems that most people face. According to experts, the loss of hair that every person experiences is about 50-100 per day.

The loss is normal, but this will be a big problem if the hair loss happens a lot, because it can cause hair loss.

There are many factors that cause hair loss, ranging from hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle to using the wrong hair products.

The best way to overcome this problem is to regularly eat foods that contain nutrients and vitamins, and choose hair products.

2. Part the hair

A calm woman with damaged hair is isolated on a white backgroundExample. Split ends are a type of hair problem (Photo: iStockphoto/Sonja Rachbauer)

One of the main causes of stretch marks is the constant use of equipment style hair, such as straightening, curling irons or curling rodsame to you hair dryer.

The use of these tools can cause the appearance of frizzy hair, due to the heat generated from the tools style it can damage the hair. As a result, the hair is dry and split.

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To avoid this from happening, you should reduce the use of equipment style hair and taking care of the hair by giving regular treatment so that the hair returns to health.

3. Dry and unhealthy hair

The next type of hair problem is dry and dull. Dryness and dryness are conditions when the hair lacks water and nutrients.

Hair often becomes dry and brittle as a result of excessive exposure to the sun, pollution, and excessive use of hair products.

If you want to avoid this problem, you should use serums, vitamins, or hair masks, for example those that contain aloe vera to restore hair moisture.

4. Gray hair

Scared, the young man looked in the mirror and saw his first hairExample. Gray hair is a common hair problem (Istockphoto/emapoket)

Gray hair may not be a problem for older people. But this will be a big problem if you face it at a young age.

This type of hair problem often interferes with the appearance, especially if there are a lot of them. Gray hair can be caused by many things, such as genetics.

Even using hair care products with harsh chemicals can also cause white or gray hair to grow faster.

Some hair care products and dyes that contain hydrogen peroxide can reduce melanin production in the hair if used in excess.

To avoid the problem of gray hair, you can prevent it by regularly eating foods that contain vitamin B-12 and limiting the use of hair care products.

5. Katombe

Dandruff is another part of the hair problem. This is because one of the causes of the appearance of dandruff comes from dirty hair or rarely washing hair.

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A place to talk health, Frequent bathing can lead to accumulation of dead and oily scalp, thus causing dandruff.

Not only that, the appearance of dandruff can also be caused by many other things, such as fungi and other diseases.

But you don’t need to worry, to overcome this you can use shampoo products that contain ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, and zinc.

6. Oily and limp hair

example of combing hairExample. Oil reduction is the same for hair problems (Istockphoto/Gpointstudio)

The scalp produces olive oil or natural oil that works to protect the hair. However, there are some people who produce a lot of juice, causing oily and soft hair.

This excess production of oil can be damaged by many factors, such as hormonal changes, frequent shampoos, the influence of hair care products.

If you are facing the type of problem with oily and soft hair, the right thing is to use shampoo and conditioner properly.

Then, avoid hair products that contain silicone and use conditioner only on the hair so that your crown is healthy and without frizz.


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