6 Tips for Sex Without Penetration, Be Hot and Satisfying

6 Tips for Sex Without Penetration, Be Hot and Satisfying


Make love The penis does not always enter the vagina. Did you know that making love can be satisfying even without penetration?

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Getting pregnant is often considered a mandatory menu item when dating. However, getting pregnant does not guarantee pregnancy and satisfaction. But when you try to have sex without going inside, you get closer and closer to ejaculation. A 2017 study found that only 18 percent of women can ejaculate from entering the vagina.

Intimate sex will help you and your partner bond, stimulate and potentially lead to ejaculation. The following suggestions for non-penetration sex positions can be tried.

1. Peas in their pods

You don’t have to go to your room to do the bean job in a sex position. Like an uncracked nut, you have to sit in a row with your roommate and then face each other and go outside. As reported by Men’s Health, this position requires you to focus on kissing and pleasure.

This position can rekindle the desire to meet and have fun again when married.

2. ‘Lock’ in the wall

Want something hotter? Try to ‘lock’ your partner’s body against the wall. Press your partner’s body against yours and hold both hands with one hand. Meanwhile, let the other hand work. Don’t forget the obligatory kiss.

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In the past, you need to get approval from your partner so that he doesn’t feel like he is being raped. A combination of touching and kissing will make this a pleasant ‘out’ session.

Then as a contrast, women don’t always have to be the ‘locked’ party. Either way, take turns and see what he can do.

3. Bend the spoon

Basically, this position is the same as a regular spoon. As reported by WebMD, you or your partner will hug your back while you lie down. The position of arms and legs is free as long as it is comfortable.

To make a curved spoon, everyone who is being hugged raises their knees so that they form an angle of 90 degrees. After that, the reception of the hug will be moved by touching and kissing in the neck, buttocks, and back areas.

4. Man on top

The missionary position is one of the most popular sex positions. Are you bored? According to a report from Women’s Health Magazine, this position can be changed into a cross-over position for lovers or a mouth stopper.

The mission status can also be changed without making it mandatory to join. Just try man on top. Like what?

You live as a missionary but only smell, touch and notice which places feel good when you are moved. This position asks you to focus on pleasure, building a relationship through the eyes and it does not have to be done in a naked situation.

5. Cheeky monkey

At first glance, the position of the cheeked monkey is similar to the genitals of the anus. But there will be no penetration because only the penis is rubbed between the buttocks.

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Playing anal is not for everyone. Monkey Cheek is great for a light but still fun game.

6. Riding side saddle

At this point you need an armless chair to practice side saddle. This position is performed with the woman sitting on her partner’s lap without entering.

The exercise can be done with hands or simply ‘touching’ each other while kissing.

The riding side saddle is flexible for different situations. Playing while fully clothed? No problem. Tired? The game can be implemented slowly but surely.


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