6 Tips for Cleaning Eye Makeup Tools

6 Tips for Cleaning Eye Makeup Tools

Cleanliness makeup eyes is one of the cleaning steps makeup enough surgical. Sometimes we feel like we’ve cleared that part, but there’s still a lot left makeup eyes closed. Later surgicalThe eye area itself is a very sensitive area so little can cause things that make us uncomfortable.

Well this time, Popbela has some tips for cleaning makeup eyes that you can try at home. Come on, read the story till the end!

1. Removes eye makeup

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupexpertreviews.com

Do you want to apply heavy makeup using false eyelashes and other accessories? Well, as a first step, make sure you remove your false eyelashes or accessories first. To help remove it, you can use baby man Page to cotton bud. Especially for those who use you soft lensMake sure you remove your contact lenses first before removing false eyelashes and other accessories!

2. Using special oil makeup for the eyes

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupallure.com

Benefit makeup remover especially for the eyes can help to remove debris makeup average. Of course makeup remover This type has a different arrangement with makeup remover culture that can completely remove eye makeup.

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3. Using Cotton and Silence

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupkawaibobbi.com

Use a soft cotton to clean makeup the eye area. Well, here’s a trick you can use when cleaning makeup in this area. Pour makeup remover on the cotton, then leave the cotton in the eye area for some time. This will do makeup remover raise makeup pay attention to the cotton you use properly.

4. Clean Eye Care Equipment

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupglamour.com

Who here is impatient when it comes to cleaning makeup? Well, if cleaning makeup It appears that the eyes need time, Bela. Slowly you need to clean makeup your eyes so that the remnants of make-up do not stick, then make sure to clean it thoroughly. Not only on the eyelids, but also to the area under the eyes, the corners of the eyes to the eyebrows to ensure that there is no residue left. makeup that stick.

5. Wash your face

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupskinkraft.com

It’s not enough just to use makeup remover, you still have to wash your face. Use a face wash that contains a formula that surgical and gently massage. In the eye area, avoid rubbing movements because it will irritate the skin in the eye area, because the skin there is more sensitive. Another reason, if you apply in the eye area, the facial soap you use can get into your eyes and make them itchy.

6. Using Eye Cream

Do not neglect, these are tips for cleaning eye makeupsephora.com

After making sure the eye area is empty makeup, you still need to take care of your eye skin. So the skin of the area is perfectly hydrated and avoids hyperpigmentation and fine lines, useful eye cream every night. Formula inside eye cream it can usually make the eye area look rough and smooth, you know.

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