6 Times Jimin Fanboys Heard From BTS

6 Times Jimin Fanboys Heard From BTS

In general, many people think that idols only appeal to young girls.

However, kpop fandoms have repeatedly proven that there is great diversity among fans.

6 Moments Jimin Fanboys Sang From BTS

And male idols are also entitled to this variety!

Take Jimin from BTS for example. Nobody can resist him! And he has male fans who are just as passionate!

  1. While walking to the Music Bank, this fanboy couldn’t help but cry out his love for Jimin

“Jimin-ah!!! Today!! your looks!!! Is too much!!! Cool!!! »

  1. Fanboy voices get even louder during Jimin’s solo

“I love you Park Jimin! I love you Park Jimin! »

  1. Jimin delightfully responds to Fanboy’s confession

“ARMY: Hyung-nim, I love you!

JM: Thank you.

JM: It’s an honor.

JM: I will work hard! »

  1. This fan can’t help but show his happiness in front of Jimin

«ARMY: Jiminie hyung!

JM: Yes, I’m here~!

JM: You are/He is cute. »

  1. When BTS went to a music show, all that was heard was this man’s call for Jimin’s attention.

“Jininie Hyung, I love you!!! Jiminie hyung!!!! Jiminie Hyung, you are my true love!!!! I love you so much!!! »

  1. As soon as we see him on screen, no one can help but shout out their love to him.

“Jimini Hyung!!! I love you!!! »

You put your heart into it!

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