6 Kdramas coming in May 2023

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023

We are almost in the month of Mao and many new kdramas are waiting for us!

From comedy to thriller, let’s take a look at 6 Kdramas to watch in May 2023.

  1. Run into yourself / My perfect stranger

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

This fantasy k-drama follows the lives of two people, Hae-joon and Yoon-young, who get caught up in time travel and get stuck in 1987.

While Hae-joon tries to solve a murder, Yoon-young tries to stop her parents from getting married. But things aren’t as simple as they seem and their paths do cross.

  1. everything we loved

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

Go Yoo is an 18-year-old sophomore at Hara High School. Growing every day, Go Yoo is often hailed as the basketball genius he originally grew up with. He is also a charming student who, despite not studying, does well at least in school.

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

This kdrama revolves around two boys who are so close friends that one donated a kidney to the other, despite their polar opposite personalities. Their deep friendship is tested when they both fall in love with the same girl.

And things get complicated when they realize certain memories may have been transferred with the organ transplant!

  1. The Story of the Nine Tails 1938

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

An unexpected case takes Lee Yeon back to 1938, where he reunites with Ryu Hong Joo. Once a mountain ranger in the west, she now owns an upscale restaurant in the capital, Gyeongseong.

He also meets his younger brother, Lee Rang. Meanwhile, another former guardian spirit and ex-boyfriend, Cheon Moo Young, has become hostile. Lee Yeon struggles to return to the present, to his beloved.

  1. race
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6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

Office politics is the focus of marketer Park Yoon Jo, whose lack of college education doesn’t stop her from focusing on her job, and smart and righteous Ryu Jae Min, who has no expectations of her business.

  1. Black Knight


In a dystopian 2071 ravaged by air pollution, humanity’s survival depends on the Dark Knights – and they are a far cry from ordinary delivery men.

  1. Delightfully fraudulent/profitable scam

6 Kdramas coming in May 2023 K-Selection

Lee Reum is a genius con artist who lacks any empathy. Han Moo-young is an overly empathetic advocate and uses this trait to his advantage. These two very different people come together for one purpose: revenge.

What are you most looking forward to?