6 K-Pop Idols Known for Their Iconic Physical Features Kpop News

6 K-Pop Idols Known for Their Iconic Physical Features Kpop News

K-pop idols have their own unique characteristics. From personality to talent, there’s no denying that fans are prejudiced against their idols for certain reasons. However, some of these idols are also popular because they have different physical traits that fans love for them.

Here are 6 K-pop idols known for having iconic physical features!

1. SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s tanned skin


SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu inhibits a unique physical trait, and that’s her naturally tanned skin! In K-Pop, there is a certain standard of beauty that most idols should meet. For Mingyu, however, her tanned skin adds charm to her stunning looks.

On several occasions, SEVENTEEN Mingyu members sometimes compliment their tanned skin. Despite industry pressures to have pale, fair skin, Mingyu is praised for embracing her own characteristics!

2. ITZY Yeji’s cat eyes


(Photo: Instagram: @itzy.all.in.us)

Yeji’s cat eyes are worth seeing due to his fierce gaze and eye grin. Although there are many idols who possess this trait, Yejis are the most well-known in the industry. The MIDZYs always melt when Yeji shows up given his ability to switch between cute and wild vibes.

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On a separate note, Yeji’s facial features also resemble “Light Fury,” a popular character from the DreamWorks animated film How to Train You Dragon: The Hidden World. To this day, there’s still an uncanny resemblance between the two, as memes generated online show!

3. SEVENTEEN Jun’s sleepy eyes

seventeenth of june

(Photo: Pinterest)

Jun from SEVENTEEN has a funny story about his “sleepy eyes” that fit any description of sleepiness. In her 5th anniversary video, Jun was asked if her eyes still look sleepy. The idol casually acknowledged him, explaining that he just yelled “sexy,” leading to hilarious reactions from the members of SEVENTEEN!

4. TWICE Nayeon’s Bunny Teeth

Nayeon, a handful of waists

(Photo: Nayeon’s Instagram)

With his iconic buck teeth, TWICE Nayeon can be easily recognized by ONCEs and non-fans alike! Nayeon’s identity is easily discerned by just glancing at her gummy smile and pinched rosy cheeks. Many people would agree that she really looks like a bunny and has a lot of bunny energy in her.

Although it was claimed in February 2023 that Nayeon had her trademark buck teeth removed. With no confirmation on whether or not it will be removed, fans are still branded with the idea of ​​Nayeon’s bunny vibes and endearing personality. Nayeon’s buck teeth are so iconic!

5. BTS Jungkook le nez

Top 10 Leading Singers Featuring

(Photo: Jungkook (News1))

BTS “Golden Maknae” Jungkook is very popular for his beautiful nose. With its refined and delicate structure, ARMYs manifested a joke through the “OJO” emoji. Since the emoji exactly reflects Jungkook’s facial features, that fact alone speaks to how much Jungkook’s nose and facial expressions are appreciated.

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6. VIVIZ Eunhas double menton

VIVIZ Eunha has been suspected of undergoing double eyelid surgery

(Photo: MHN Sports)

VIVIZ Eunha’s double chin is another cute feature of the idol as she is also popular for her size and bubbly energy.

While many would hide her double chin, Eunha is not shy about showing the feature. She even manages to present him in variety shows and take selfies with him at the airport!

Do you know other K-pop idols with unique physical characteristics? Let us know in the comments below!

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