6 Habits That Create Caves, Brush Your Teeth First

6 Habits That Create Caves, Brush Your Teeth First


Gigi holes cannot be ignored. You can prevent it by recognizing and avoiding the behaviors that cause cavities.

Hanny Ilanda, a dental specialist at RSPI Puri Indah Dental Clinic, said bacteria in cavities can spread and cause inflammation in other parts of the body. From the infection in the area of ​​the root of the tooth, it can spread to the heart muscle, kidneys, nose, to the eyes.

“It turns out that not only that, bacteria in the mouth can cause sinusitis,” said Hanny as quoted from a statement obtained by the media. CNNIndonesia.comMonday (12/9).

Therefore, you should prevent cavities by avoiding the following habits.

1. Eat snacks while chewing

The time between meals is very important. You are hungry but the time to eat is far away, so snacks can be a solution, for example, chewing gum.

Unfortunately, chewing gum and other sugary foods can cause cavities. Speaking WebMDThe gum can stick to the teeth so that the sugar and acid produced by the bacteria will come into contact with the teeth.

2. Chew ice

There is a special joy when chewing ice. You also don’t feel guilty because the ice cream contains no sugar.

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However, unfortunately, chewing ice is one of the habits that lead to cavities.

Chewing ice can lead to cracked and even broken teeth. This habit can also irritate the tissues inside the teeth. In addition to cavities, exposure to cold temperatures can cause rapid and sharp pain.

3. The child is given milk to drink before going to bed

example of a baby pacifierExample. Children are given breast implants, one of the behaviors that lead to cavities. (Istockphoto/Photo Source)

Parents often give milk makeup to children before bedtime. Without knowing it, parents will create cavities in children.

As reported from Mayo ClinicIf a child is given a bottle at bedtime that contains milk, formula, juice or other sugary liquids, these drinks will remain attached to the teeth for hours. Bacteria in the mouth will turn sugar into acid and cause damage.

4. Brush your teeth in the morning or before breakfast

Perhaps breakfast in a fresh body and mouth is more pleasant than breakfast in an unclean state. However, if you brush your teeth before breakfast, food debris will continue to stick to your teeth throughout the day.

Instead, make a routine of brushing your teeth after breakfast or before going to work. This practice will prevent cavities and ensure that your mouth feels fresh all day long.

5. Leaving dry mouth

In fact, fillings or fillings naturally prevent cavities. Saliva will wash food debris and plaque from the mouth. Meanwhile, dry mouth conditions or low saliva production will create conditions for bacteria to breed in the mouth.

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Imagine, bacteria feeding on food debris and sugar stuck to teeth. Dry mouth can be caused by dehydration or taking certain medications. It is better to consult a doctor for different drug options.

6. Drink soda

Is it only food that causes cavities? Apparently not. One of the habits that cause cavities is drinking sugary drinks, including soda.

The carbonated drink contains at least 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. In addition, soda contains phosphoric and citric acid that can eat tooth enamel.


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