6 Fourth Generation K-Pop Idols Who Are Introverts Kpop News

6 Fourth Generation K-Pop Idols Who Are Introverts Kpop News

K-Pop is a profession in which idols go through many interpersonal interactions. This includes both off- and on-camera opportunities, which can understandably be exhausting for introverted idols. However, her love for the show and fans transcends all boundaries and leads her to stardom in the industry.

Nowadays, fans are dealing with the fourth generation of K-pop, where more idols and groups are making their debut. Many are also curious as to which of these idols are quiet, mysterious, or introverted.

Here are 6 fourth-generation K-pop idols known for being introverts!

1. NMIXX Sullyoon

(Photo: Instagram: @nmixx_official)

Sullyoon from NMIXX is a loveable eccentric in the group and the only introvert among the members! While the rest of the NMIXX members are all outgoing in their own way, Sullyoon disagrees.

Most of the time the members had fun in a playful way, Sullyoon was in his own little world. Her fandom, NSWERs, find this habit adorable due to her calm demeanor and angelic looks!

2. New Haerin jeans

NewJeans Haerin

(Photo: NME)

NewJeans’ Haerin is indeed an introvert of the bunch. Shining brightly on stage with her fierce dance moves, Haerin’s personality transcends the introverted spectrum as she is considered the calmest on most occasions.

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However, during an interview with GQ Korea, the idol explained that she strives to improve her expression. Just because Haerin is introverted doesn’t mean she can’t have fun, as the idol also knows how to let go when needed.

3. Ancien (G)I-DLE Soojin


(Photo: News1)

Former (G)I-DLE member Soojin turns heads with her stage presence, talent and flawless looks. Though Soojin is keen on the group’s performances, she is a bit shy around them, as evidenced by multiple live streams and variety shows.

Soojin is quiet at times but can go crazy with the other members whenever she wants. On the stages of (G)I-DLE, Soojin is quite the stan attractor, making his introverted personality difficult to discern.

4. Soobin TXT

TXT Soobin

(Photo: Esquire Korea)

TXT Soobin generates an introverted energy despite being a great performer and the charismatic leader of the group. On several occasions, the four outgoing members of TXT have a chaotic power on filming, while Soobin is distinguished by his laid-back personality.

5. LE SSERAFIM Chaewon


(Photo: Instagram: @_chaechae_1)

In her IZ*ONE days, Kim Chaewon really showed her understated demeanor, which matched her fairytale looks at the time. Throughout her career, Chaewon has proven to be an ISTP according to her MBTI scores. Both delicate and stubborn, Chaewon serves as a catalyst for strong leadership in THE SSERAFIM while maintaining her introverted self.

6. TREASURE Jeongwoo


(Photo: Facebook: SCHATZ)

SCHATZ Jeongwoo sneaks into the ISFP, which is on the introvert scale according to his MBTI scores. However, given ATEEZ’s synchronized and high-energy live stages, it’s hard to see through his introverted personality!

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Do you have any other fourth generation introverted K-pop idols in mind? Let us know in the comments below!

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