6 Facts About Sex With A Girl, Cold Outside But Wild Inside

6 Facts About Sex With A Girl, Cold Outside But Wild Inside


Welcome to Virgo season!

Zodiac This type of soil is considered rigid and does not like testing. However, they actually have a different approach to the matter six what you should know.

For Virgo men and women, making love is an important part of life to keep the body in shape. As he reported Tango youMaking love is a therapeutic activity and relieves stress.
Isn’t it sexy? This is Virgo, practical and not boring.

However, there are some interesting things about dating a Virgo.

1. Be considerate and very appreciative of your partner

Virgo makes their partner a priority in bed. They are very considerate and grateful to their partner by remembering the little things, thanking their partner, and they have a tendency to solve or fix something that is not on their ‘way’. This is not surprising, because even outside the bed, Virgo is very attentive to detail.

Meanwhile, his perfectionist attitude doesn’t have to make you worry about work. They will not ‘hope’ an inexperienced couple in bed. Virgo will give their opinion about you, but in a kind and compassionate way (pity).

2. He likes to play

A young couple, a man and a woman, have an intimate relationship on the legs of the bedExample. There are some facts about dating a Virgo. (Istockphoto/dima_sidelnikov)

Don’t be surprised by a Virgo who likes to study things, including every inch of their partner’s body. Virgo will not go straight to the desired touch point, but play and flirt slowly and willingly.

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3. It is easy to ‘turn off’ due to dirty mattress

An important Virgo fact to know is that they really love cleanliness. As he reported Indian ageTheir sexual desire is easy to drop because of a dirty mattress or a dirty room.

If Virgo suddenly fails to make love to you, you should not take it to heart. You need to follow up with tidying up the room, changing the sheets, and applying air freshener.

4. Follow the process

They often look cool on the outside, but they are very concerned about plans, including during sex. Instead, just entrust your bed tonight and so on to Virgo.

5. He likes ‘different’ positions

Most Virgos are usually interested in design and control. In bed, they actually want to be ‘forced’ to do something different than usual.

When you’re usually in control, try forcing Virgo to be the one in control.

Also, give room to Virgos who don’t have much sex. Space is needed to realize their sexuality.

6. Hide the forest

If you manage to make Virgo feel calm and relaxed, you will be rewarded with Virgo’s attention.

If all this time you have found Virgo ‘side A’, then you will find Virgo ‘side B’ with all its surprises. Don’t be surprised when you find a wild and ‘hot’ Virgo.


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