6 dystopian dramas to watch

6 dystopian dramas to watch

Besides Kdramas, dystopian shows are the latest big thing and many have been announced.

A dystopia is a genre in which a speculated community or society is undesirable or frightening.

6 Dystopian Dramas to Watch K-Selection

If you love dystopian and sci-fi series, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are six dystopian K-Dramas you might want to check out this weekend!

  1. The still sea

6 Dystopian Dramas to Watch K-Selection

The story takes place in a precarious future where the earth is running out of water. An elite team embarks on a mission to the moon in search of unknown samples kept in an abandoned research laboratory in space.

  1. sweet home

sweet home

The series tells the story of a high school student who moves into an old building inhabited by monsters who are ruining humanity and the balance.

  1. Black Knight


In a dystopian 2071 ravaged by air pollution, humanity’s survival depends on the Dark Knights – and they are a far cry from your ordinary delivery men.

  1. Gyeongseong creature

6 Dystopian Dramas to Watch K-Selection

Gyeongseong Creature is a story about fighting monsters in the dark era of 1945.

The kdrama is about psychological warfare and human survival in a world dominated by monsters who put their lives in danger.

  1. Moving

The focus is on the interesting lives of families with supernatural powers. From super strength, the ability to fly, invincibility, and more, each generation of superheroes follows their quest to save the world from the evil that surrounds the nation.

The kdrama will be released later this year.

  1. bargain

6 Dystopian Dramas to Watch K-Selection

No Hyung Soo goes to a motel room to see Park Joo Young. He is happy with his looks and willingly pays for his services, but No Hyung Soo is in for a surprise. Soon he is surrounded by people who have come to buy his organs.

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They negotiate the price of their organs with Park Joo Young, who is conducting the auction, but suddenly an earthquake occurs. They fight for survival in the collapsed building.

Do you like the dystopian genre?