6 Diseases Hidden Behind a Bloated Stomach

6 Diseases Hidden Behind a Bloated Stomach


It doesn’t just affect the appearance, the interior beer inside It is also dangerous for the general health condition. There are diseases that arise because of pregnancy.

The risk of obesity arises due to the accumulation of fat around the organs. So, what are the side effects of pregnancy?

This fat is known as visceral fat which is often associated with abdominal obesity. Studies show that carrying fat around the belly increases the risk of many major health complaints.

These include heart disease, diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure. Recent studies have also shown a link between belly fat and cancer, Circle Health Group said.

Visceral fat, sometimes called hard belly fat, is different from subcutaneous fat, or soft belly fat, which is the kind that sits under the skin. Subcutaneous fat is fat that can be broken down.

Experts have pointed out that excess fat around the stomach can cause serious harm to health. Here are six conditions related to belly fat.

1. Diabetes

There is always a close relationship between excess fat around the belly and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. One reason may be that visceral fat produces cytokines, which harm the immune system which it can make cells less sensitive to the effects of insulin. which regulates blood sugar.

2. High blood pressure

Cytokines produced by visceral fat not only affect insulin levels, but can also affect the ability of cells to regulate blood pressure.

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A study shows that an increase of just 5 percent of body weight can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure by 34 percent for men and 28 percent for women, according to the Live Strong report.

3. Heart disease

In general, having too much fat in the body can increase the risk of heart attack. But belly fat can be especially dangerous because it releases fatty acids that signal the liver to produce more bad cholesterol and less good cholesterol.

One study found that adults who carried weight around the midsection were more likely to have heart attacks than those who were taller overall.

4. Insanity

Excess belly fat can also affect brain function. One study found that a waist circumference greater than 35 inches for men and 33 inches for women was associated with a higher risk of stroke, regardless of age, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, liver health or other factors. the things of life are not.

This may be because visceral fat can increase inflammation in the body, according to the researchers.

5. Asthma

Many studies have found an association between a large pregnancy and the risk of asthma, even in people with a normal weight.

Having more fat in the abdominal cavity can make it harder for the lungs to get the oxygen they need.

6. Cancer

Research has linked people with excess abdominal fat to a higher risk for certain cancers. Research shows that women with the same waist and hips are four times more likely to get breast cancer than women with smaller waists.

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A study found that excess belly fat can double the risk of skin cancer.


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