50 Minutes Inside: Who will replace Nikos Aliagas at the presentation?

50 Minutes Inside: Who will replace Nikos Aliagas at the presentation?

After 16 long years as the program’s presenter, Nikos Aliagas is stepping down to take time for himself and let a new face run 50 Minutes Inside.

The identity of her successor, for yes it is indeed a woman who will take her place, was announced yesterday, Tuesday 24th May The Parisian.

The announcement of his departure from the show had caused a great uproar among his listeners. He had confessed his desire to retire from the program after spending all those years keeping it going Sandrine Quetierin an interview with puremedia April 25th.

He assures that he did not take this decision lightly and that this decision was carefully considered and that he was in agreement with it TF1. He justifies himself by saying that this show is “a big part of his life” and that he sacrificed 16 years for it. Nikos Aliagas therefore explains: “For 16 years I have been on the air on Saturdays at 5:50 p.m. and back at 1 a.m. That is much. I want to take time for myself, focus on other subjects and develop what I do more and more around photography.”

It was a heartbreaking farewell, both for his viewers, who had grown accustomed to him over the years of his presentation, and for Nikos Aliagas and the show’s production, as it is the one he has presented the longest of his career.

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New moderator

A major casting took place within TF1 to find the perfect replacement for Nikos Aliagas 50 minutes indoors. Several candidates were subsequently named for the post before being shelved by the major TV network, such as: Helene Mannarino, Tatiana Silva, Faustine Bollaert, and Iris Mittenaere or Karine Ferri

But on the day yesterday The Parisian had announced that TF1 finally found the rare gem to fill that position with their competitor, channel+that they would have gone to recruit her. The chosen one is then Isabelle Ithurburu, a rugby specialist who will host 50 Minutes Inside from the start of next season. The pretty and talented woman in her mid-forties will also be responsible for the moderation The Rugby World Cup 2023 Magazine from September 8th. So there is a new face at TF1 who will surely become an important figure in the iconic chain.

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