5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masks

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masks

Face mask be thing which must be worn when going out. Some even continue to wear masks at home, especially when interacting with strangers or sick family members. For being thing Compulsory, it is not surprising that now there are many face masks made of different materials, and they have different designs so they can still provide style while maintaining personal health.

However, it seems that using this mask also has side effects, one of which is the appearance of acne. Do you feel more acne after wearing the mask, Bela?

How to deal with it without giving up what can protect you from these bacteria and viruses? Don’t worry! Starting from BustleThis is how you can protect your face from acne when wearing face masks.

1. Why can face masks cause acne?

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masksPexels.com/Andrea Piacquadio

Before reading the tips, let’s answer your first question: How can face masks cause acne? Dermatologists have explained that almost every face mask has the potential to cause acne. Some masks are made to be too thick for the skin, causing irritation from the harsh texture of the fabric. Meanwhile, soft masks can harbor bacteria and cause dry skin. Then, a face mask that can be used over and over again can retain detergent residue that can lead to acne breakouts.

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Not only that, the carbon dioxide from breathing in the mask can irritate the skin. Because, oral bacteria stick to the skin and can cause acne and similar bacteria to accumulate. In addition, sweat and sebum also increase due to wearing face masks.

2. Using a mask

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masksPexels.com/Edmond Dantès

The first step to avoiding acne from wearing a face mask is to use a face mask. You may be thinking of wearing a medical mask or mask.

However, you cannot use this type of mask often. You can also increase the amount of waste because you are constantly replacing the mask. So, choose a designer mask and get a lot of it so you can change.

3. Wash off the mask

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masksPexels.com/Adrienne Andersen

In fact, even if it is clean, the mask will be dirty and have bacteria and oil stuck in the fabric fibers. So, don’t forget to wash the mask every day after wearing it. Try to replace it once a day to avoid a lot of germs sticking to the mask. In addition, make sure that there are no other detergents or other detergents on the mask, OK!

4. Wash your face

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masksPexels.com/Cottonbro

Even though one part of your face is protected by a mask, it does not mean that it is protected from dirt and various germs, you know. As mentioned in the first paragraph, the mask helps to block sweat and sebum that can cause breakouts on the skin.

So, don’t forget to always wash your face after wearing the mask. Use a gentle face wash before and after applying the mask. If necessary, choose a face wash that contains ingredients that reduce oil and fight acne-causing bacteria.

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5. Take care of your face when you are not wearing a mask

5 ways to get rid of acne due to wearing face masksPexels.com/Shiny Diamond

Who rarely takes care of their face because they are at home and always go out with a mask? Remember that there is still dirt and germs that will stick to your face even if you are at home, or half of your face is covered with a mask.

Bacteria in the home, bacteria from face masks, bacteria from things stuck to your face (like pillows and cell phones), can all cause acne. So, keep up the daily routine skin care-if.

Before putting on the mask, start by washing your face. Then, apply products like toner, the theme, serum, face cream slowly. If you want to leave the house, put on the sunscreen before putting on the mask.

When you come home, wash your face again. Don’t forget to continue with weekly treatments such as facials and applications mask to keep your skin healthy and acne free!

Don’t stop wearing masks just because they can cause pimples on your face in this new habit. try these tips to maintain a healthy and beautiful face. So, you are still healthy and protected from the virus!

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