5 unique tours of North Korea, Some that make you nervous to provoke laughter

5 unique tours of North Korea, Some that make you nervous to provoke laughter


North Korea (North Korea) is known as a mysterious country, because it is very closed to outsiders. The life of people in North Korea has also made many people curious.

North Korea has long been under the rule of a hereditary dictator, where Kim Jong Un is currently the supreme leader. This country also has many strict laws, which makes many people reluctant to visit them Brooch.

Although it is closed, North Korea has beautiful places. In fact, the air in North Korea is known for its cleanness and there are interesting and interesting places for tourists.

The country with the capital Pyongyang itself is still open to tourism, but unlike North Korea’s other neighbors, such as Japan and South Korea, which rely on tourism as a major contributor to the income of the country.

Here are 5 popular tourist spots in North Korea that are worth visiting, as summarized from various sources.

DMZ (Demilitarized Zone)

This photo taken on Dec. 11, 2018 shows the ruins of Camp Greaves, a former US military base in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea, in Gyeonggi Province. , north of Seoul.  - The US military withdrew in 2004, in one of the first steps of a major plan to relocate many of the US military forces in the South to Camp Humphreys, south of the capital.  Many shipments have now been completed, leaving some of the former bases now in the hands of South Korean regional authorities.  The converted armory is one of the attractions at Camp Greaves - an old officer's barracks has been turned into a youth hostel.  (Photo by Ed JONES/AFP)An example of the DMZ in North Korea. (Photo: Ed JONES/AFP)

The DMZ or Demilitarized Zone is a highly protected area between North Korea and South Korea. However, this area is also a popular tourist destination.

You will feel the tension when you are in the DMZ, because the environment is quiet and peaceful. Don’t make any loud noises. However, the weather conditions in the DMZ are very good. It will be an interesting experience when you visit the DMZ.

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Mount Paektu – Lake Heaven

Mount Paektu is known as the tallest mountain in the country North Korea. The location of this mountain is actually on the border between North Korea and China.

Nature tourism on Mount Paektu has become an attraction for tourists, due to its amazing nature. Interestingly, near Mount Paektu there is a lake called Sama which is not beautiful.

The charm of the sky lake or sky lake attracts tourists, because the water is clear and not polluted. These two natural attractions are still beautiful and well maintained.

Juche Tower

In this photo taken on June 15, 2019, children watch as a group of Korean visitors from Japan do sports on the banks of the Taedong River in front of the Juche tower in Pyongyang.  (Photo by Ed JONES/AFP)Local people take a photo behind the Juche Tower in North Korea. (Photo: Ed JONES/AFP)

Juche Tower or Juche Tower was built as a gift to celebrate the 70th birthday of North Korea’s legendary leader, Kim Il Sung. The place is east of the Taedong River.

This tower is the pride of the people of North Korea. Juche itself is the official ideology followed by the people of North Korea. The Juche Tower is 170 meters tall.

There is a quadrangular structure in the Juche tower, and the top is covered with a 20-meter high shining iron lamp. In the main building of the Juche Tower, you can also find a 30-meter-high statue that shows some two men and two women holding a hammer, brush and sickle.

Nasara War Museum

North Korea built the Victory War Museum to commemorate Kim Il Sung’s military prowess. In this museum, preserve the relics from the North Korean war.

Vehicles such as tanks and heavy weapons can be seen at the War Victory Museum. Visitors are also requested to be orderly while in this museum, out of respect for the late Kim Il Sung.

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People’s Army Circus

The Korean Air Force is not a military attraction. This circus performance is basically about the military and is the only circus in North Korea.

Surprisingly, the Korean Empire has been around since the 1960s. The theater is often renovated to attract more viewers.

This circus is also known to be unique and funny to draw laughter from the audience. In the end, this building can accommodate about 1,600 people who want to see the epic show.


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