5 Traits of People Who Just Pretend They’re Nice, They Can Be Fun and Careful!

5 Traits of People Who Just Pretend They’re Nice, They Can Be Fun and Careful!

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta The desire to have meaningful relationships with others is a natural part of being human. Therefore, Fimela’s Friends must be vulnerable to other people. This way they can understand you and relate to you.

Due to the fact that we need to be vulnerable to make connections, it is good to want to protect ourselves from those who would use these vulnerabilities for their own interests. Identifying such can be difficult because they hide behind real characters.

So, to help you be aware of people who are just being nice to you, here are some signs you need to recognize from people who are just pretending to be nice when they are not.

1. They work very hard

Have you ever known someone who was happy with everything? While being excited about things isn’t necessarily a red flag, being overly interested in things and people is.

People who pretend to be good often go overboard to attract attention to themselves and others. They are excited because it will bring them closer to who or what they want, they will do.

2. Ghosting

Are you logged in?ghost in the past? It’s very tasty, isn’t it? You plan and put all your hopes into going out to spend time with another person, but suddenly they are not there or they are not answering your messages or calls.

A lot of people pretend to be beautiful who they loveghost. If this person is always giving you a chance to hang up even for simple things like going out for coffee, ignoring your calls, texts, or ignoring you when you need them, they’re probably playing nice.

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