5 Tips for Choosing Sunscreen for Oily Skin, Must Know!

5 Tips for Choosing Sunscreen for Oily Skin, Must Know!

Sun exposure is one of the causes of darkness and aging. To take care of your skin, you must use sunscreen before work. However, hopeful people often lose sunscreen because it is not good and the skin feels surgical.

In fact, now there are many brand launch skin care sunscreen which is safe and comfortable to use on sensitive skin. You can’t just choose, you have to choose sunscreen which is suitable for sensitive skin through the five steps below!

1. Choose a non-comedogenic sunscreen

5 Tips for Choosing Sunscreen for Oily Skin, Must Know!

To know whether sunscreen suitable for my skin is to ensure that the product is free man and non-comedogenic. That is, the product is designed in such a way that it will not clog pores and cause acne.

Nahsome things that can block the pores, including different types fat same to you beeswax weight. So, be sure to check list of ingredients before buying sunscreen new

2. Sunscreen with a gel formula makes your face feel less greasy

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Wide range of products sunscreen presented to provide protection to protect the skin from the sun. But if you have thick skin, you should choose sunscreen with text gel one light.

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Because of calmness sunscreen A light that will be easily absorbed into the skin and will not clog the pores. It makes a difference when you use it sunscreen with lots of text thickness, the skin will be happy surgical and m.

3. The final result matte leave the skin surgical

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Often sunscreen get the final result dew. However, for sensitive skin this finish should be avoided, because it makes your face look like an oil filter. Therefore, it is good to choose sunscreen which has a final result matte so that your appearance can be seen new all day.

4. Safe and secure to use sunscreen without adding fragrance

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It is good to choose sunscreen which has no smell. Although it does not have a direct effect on oily skin, some skin can experience negative reactions when exposed to fragrances, especially those made from chemicals. The presence of perfume can cause redness, itching, acne, and irritation. So, you should choose sunscreen that lack of smell.

5. Best skin protection with SPF 30-50

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Be sure to use sunscreen which is not only good for sensitive skin, but also has the best overall protection. So, sunscreen containing SPF 30 is enough to protect the skin. However, if you are exposed to direct sunlight, we recommend choosing SPF 50. Remember, a higher SPF can block more UVB!

SoHere are five tips to choose from sunscreen here’s my skin. Don’t forget to use it all the time sunscreen before the procedure so that the skin is awake and not black!

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