5 spooky places in Paris!

5 spooky places in Paris!

Do you want to spice up your evenings with goosebumps and are fans of all kinds of scary stories? The beautiful capital will satisfy you in this regard, as it is full of places, each scarier than the last… This article aims to guide you in your quest for a great thrill!

1 Avenue Frochot (Pigalle)

Number 1 Avenue Frochot, photo by Loïc Testa

Pigalle, known for its sex shops, its nightlife and its dark facets, in fact hides a charming district dotted with mansions, prestigious residences… where famous artists once resided: Avenue Frochot .

This attractive and elegant cul-de-sac is not only known for its charm. According to legend, his No. 1 housed a haunted house… At the beginning of the 20th century, a maid was brutally murdered with a poker on the stairs of the sinister abode… Since then, her spirit aroused hatred and revenge would haunt the place. Several unexplained deaths, disappearances or sudden departures of its former hosts seem to confirm the mysterious and terrifying paranormal legend that hangs around the No.1. Sylvie Vartan, for example, had a huge crush on the house in the 1970s but could never bring herself to take up residence there… Given the tragic fate of all previous owners, she might be well advised to follow her instincts…

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Garden of the Tuileries

Tuileries Garden, photo by Loïc Testa

Have you ever heard of the Tuileries Red Man? This infamous garden is one of the most famous and popular in Paris, but a terrible curse hangs over this place…

The butcher John the Flayer was assassinated in 1564 on the orders of Queen Catherine de’ Medici, promising his killer to transcend the world of the dead to come back and haunt them both. As he became the “Red Man of the Tuileries” completely covered in blood, he would have tormented the place for more than 300 years by appearing several times to various kings and queens before being completely consumed in the Tuileries fire on May 23, 1871.

From that day on, his spirit has never come out of the shadows… Will you be the one who manages to find his tormented spirit walking the paths of this sublime garden?

Rue Erlanger (Paris)

The 16th arrondissement is one of the richest and most beautiful in Paris. But in the heart of this sublime district is the most cursed street in the capital: rue Erlanger!

The dramas have not ceased to be successful since their inception in 1862… First with the death of the famous singer Mike Brant in 1975, falling from the 6th floor of 6 rue. The mystery of his death continues, would he have simply fallen, as the investigators explain, or would he have committed suicide? A few years later, Issei Sagawa, adorned with the nickname “Japanese Cannibal,” gruesomely killed Renée Hartevelt, a young 24-year-old student, before eating part of her corpse at number 10 on that cursed street. Finally, on February 5, 2019, a resident of 17bis rue Erlanger caused an arson, killing 10 of her neighbors and injuring 96 others. Fate caused this fire, said to be the deadliest since 2005, on this eerie street, adding to the sense of curse that surrounds this place…

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Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation

Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation, photo by Loïc Testa

On May 4, 1897, three years before the chapel was dedicated, a fire broke out in the Charité bazaar at the exact location of the church, causing the tragic death of dozens of people. The souls of these victims have since haunted this sacred place, which has earned a reputation for paranormal phenomena. Many witnesses have seen strange noises and phantasmagorical mirages that defy logic… If you go there, you could be the future witness of these paranormal manifestations… but will you be willing to take the risk of being haunted forever?

Paris Opera

Opéra Garnier, photo by Loïc Testa

The Opéra Garnier deserves an article of its own as the legend of the Opéra’s ghost having its own box there, number 5, has captured the terrifying imagination of many people. But for now, a brief account of its history is needed in this throwback to the spookiest places in Paris.

This famous specter, brought to light by the writer Gaston Leroux, who was inspired by his life to write his famous book of the same name, digs the line between legend and reality. This ghost, which has haunted the opera since 1873, would be that of Ernest, a pianist who would have lost his fiancé there in the conservatory fire and burned his face completely. Disfigured and bruised from the grief for his beloved, he would have let himself die of grief in the opera then under construction.

The legend of the Phantom of the Opera is based on very real and still unsettled facts… A chandelier falling down in the middle of a show killing a spectator, a stagehand being hanged even though the rope is gone, a dancer who dies from a fall from his gallery… The dramas follow one another in this place and come to authenticate his curse.

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