5 Smart Ways to Store Apples, Not Just Putting Them in the Fridge

5 Smart Ways to Store Apples, Not Just Putting Them in the Fridge


Call is one of them fruit which many people like. Besides being easy to find, apples also offer an equally delicious taste.

But, like other fruits, apples also rot easily, especially if they are stored in the wrong way.

So, how do you store apples so they don’t spoil? Is it safe to keep it in the fridge for days?

How to store apples to keep them fresh

As a type of fruit, apples are not always fresh. In addition, if you leave it for days, the apple may be rotten or not frozen when eating.

The initiative Martha StewartKen Wortz, president of Sauvage Distillery in Charlottesville, New York, says that, like any fruit, the best way to preserve apples is to store them in a cool place.

If stored in a cool place, apples can last months from the day they are picked. However, once you buy them, they will last one week in the refrigerator and six to eight weeks in the refrigerator.

How to store apples so they don’t rot is also not just putting them in the fridge. Place the apples as soon as possible after cutting them in the refrigerator to prevent them from browning.

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When stored, apples should also be wrapped in plastic and consumed immediately within a few days.

In fact, you can just put the apples outside the refrigerator, if the temperature is still very good.

Here are the best ways to store apples so that they are good, fresh and of course when they are bitten.

1. Separate rotten apples or nearly rotten apples

Cripps Pink apples and Pink Lady apples are essentially the same apple with the same pink color and quality.  The only difference is that Pink Lady® is a registered trademark of the Pink Lady Apple Association.  Pink Lady® was one of the first apples to be marketed under a specific name rather than by variety.Example. There are many ways to store apples properly. (iStockphoto/jlipko)

Start eating an apple that is about to rot. Do not store fresh apples with apples that are damaged or nearly rotten. The reason, rotten apples can harm other apples that are still fresh.

If you store a large number of apples, it is a good idea to check them periodically to see if the apples are about to rot and remove them immediately.

2. Store apples in a dark and cool place

If you don’t have a fridge or freezer, you can store it in a cellar that is not exposed to the sun.

The initiative Master ClassIf you don’t have a storage room, store it somewhere in the house where it is not hot and dark.

3. Cook the apples before storing

To store all apples in a long time, wrap each apple in paper and put it in a box. Check the apples once a week, and remove any apples that show signs of rotting.

4. Freeze apples

You can also freeze apples, which can last up to six months in the freezer. Dip the sliced ​​apples in lemon juice so they don’t turn brown, then dry them.

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You can freeze sliced ​​apples, or even whole apples, overnight. After freezing, transfer to a freezer bag for long-term storage.

However, be aware that freezing apples will cause them to lose some of the swelling and some of their own. Frozen apples are best for recipes that call for apples, such as apple pie, apple butter, or applesauce.

5. Do not store with other vegetables or fruits

When ripe, apples produce ethylene. Speaking PregnantEthylene is a gas that can cause other nearby products to grow prematurely.

To keep all the produce in your fridge fresh, it’s a good idea to keep ethylene-producing fruits like apples separate from ethylene-containing vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower.

Here are some ways to store apples so they don’t rot. Follow the easy way at home.


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