5 signs you often compare yourself to others

5 signs you often compare yourself to others

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Most of us compare ourselves to others. Comparing yourself to others has its advantages and disadvantages. When you compare yourself from time to time with your friends or colleagues, there is nothing wrong, because such comparisons help you get stronger and better and stay motivated to achieve your goals. However, if you are comparing yourself to others, this is a red flag.

Note that comparing yourself will not bring you happiness. Comparison can destroy life, and you will not understand why you are suffering.

So, here are some signs that show you are often comparing yourself to other people. What are the symptoms? Come on, check out more below.

1. The Past Game

If Fimela’s friends compare yourself to the past in life and you believe that your past is better than the present and that your ex or friend is happier than you are now, this is a sure sign that you are comparing yourself to others. First, the past was not as bad as you think now, and there were definitely hard times and problems. Second, your ex or friend may not be as successful and happy as you think. Don’t believe in illusions and stop thinking about your past. Focus on the present and enjoy the new good and bad times in your life, not the past.

2. Blame others a lot

The biggest problem in today’s society is that people have become selfish. We often judge others, we don’t respect the people around us and we think that we are better than them. If you have a tendency to judge or blame others, you must stop. It’s an obvious but overlooked metaphor. You are only protecting yourself and trying to boost your confidence by judging others.

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