5 reasons why the 80s were better than today

5 reasons why the 80s were better than today

Do you feel old? Google, Instagram and Tinder put you in the tonsil and you tell yourself that you dreamed of this when you were younger? Think again, YOU lived the best time ever and WE will prove it to you. Put on your neon glasses, lie down on your old leather sofa and immerse yourself in this generation of fond memories that never go out of style with these top 5 reasons why the 80s were way better than today.

We had a real social life

Back then, we would ride our bikes to our best friend’s house, ring the bell and ask him out, we would line up to see the latest Marvel at the cinema, we would go rollerblading or skateboarding with friends on Saturday afternoons, etc etc… Unfortunately, it is the internet arrived and a lot has changed. New technologies certainly have many good sides, but we cannot deny that they have confined us entirely to our homes. We no longer have to go to the cinema, we download the movie, we no longer have to go to friends, we Facetime, we no longer have to play together, we play on the network on the Ps5, … The 2000s made children lovers of the Sofas and a big slacker who no longer crunches life to the fullest!

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Solidarity and mutual help were the focus of the topics

The 1980s were the years of solidarity. We have seen the birth of many mutual aid associations such as: Eat from the heart, don’t touch my friend, Singers Without Borders… There was a huge wave of artists who started getting involved in humanitarian causes, like Jimmy Somerville, Coluche or even Johnny H.

Fashion was shameless

Colors, rhinestones, bandanas, sequins, these words can’t describe the 80s better: crop top, Zara sweater and sneakers for 300 euros. In the 80s, no one was ashamed of dressing oddly, no one respected the 3-color rule, and most importantly, no one feared ridicule until they could dye their hair brightly. It all ended. People dress conservatively, very often in muted colors like black or blue, people judge themselves by their style and the brands they wear, and when someone dares to try something new they get fired and on social media posted.

The music was ‘good good good«

Who says 80s says music! The inevitable object was the self-reversing Cassette Walkman. People rush to buy the latest records because Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer didn’t exist yet. These years marked a major turning point in music, as most of the songs from this period are still timeless today. Among these artists we naturally count Goldman, Michel Berger, Gainsbourg, but also Michael Jackson and Madonna. The songs were well written. Now the music is mostly about sex, drugs and money. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? …

The films were cult

These years allowed it Discover a variety of cult films. who forgot Rocky Balboa, To Gun, Dirty Dancing, ET. or la boom ? And yes, everyone remembers it because these films were full of humor, incomprehension and kitsch. Nothing like the latest Asterix and Obelix or Alibi.com, where the humor is far from subtle and where the jokes are predictable from 1000 kilometers away.

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… by Ethel Hadjadj