5 Rarely Known Functions of Dry Air Conditioning

5 Rarely Known Functions of Dry Air Conditioning


An air conditioner (AC) has many options of features or modes that can be selected according to the needs of the user. One of them has a dry condition though dry conditions.

Here is the mode function dryness against AC which is rarely known.

AC is an air conditioner that is controlled by a remote control to control its operation. In addition to cooling conditions or conditions, coldRemote AC is also equipped with a mode dryness which can benefit AC performance.

Most of the time, fashion dryness it is marked with a water drop symbol.

Summarized from various sources, here are the reasons why the situation is used dryness on the air conditioner.

1. Defeating humid air

The first function of the dryer is that it can control the humid air in the room without reducing the cold, especially if the temperature outside is rainy.

Air dry conditions will act as a dehumidifier by removing moisture from indoor air.

To keep the room temperature cool and dry, you can change the AC setting to off mode cold and dryness.

2. Provide healthy air

She is satisfied with the elderly woman sitting and leaning on the chair in the air-conditioned room, a happy, mature woman with her hands behind her head and resting on the sofa at home, enjoying the air and breathing.Example. The drying mode works on air conditioning (Photo: Istockphoto/Getty Images/fizkes)

Dehumidifier from fashion dryness users to maintain air temperature within normal limits. The way it works is by pulling the water in the air.

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In addition, this dry condition can create healthy air at the same time in the room with the best humidity.

Furthermore, an air conditioner set to a dry setting can reduce the growth of mold on the walls, mites, dust, or mildew.

3. Save electricity

Additionally, a lesser-known function of dry mode on an AC is that it can help save your home’s electricity.

Fashion season dryness operating at a temperature of 25-26 degrees Celsius, the compressor and fan in the air conditioner will run on electricity so that the electricity required is also reduced.

Different if you enter the situation cold with temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, the compressor, AC fan, and electricity work a lot to cool the room.

4. Eco-friendly

The weather dryness in active AC it acts as a dehumidifier and indirectly very environmentally friendly.

Why fashion dryness consider environmentally friendly? Because the carbon footprint from using electricity is relatively low.

Currently, when the air conditioner is used in the environment cold with temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, electricity consumption will be higher and the resulting carbon footprint in the air will also be higher.

5. AC motor is more durable

The operation of the drying mode in the air conditioner is not known to be related to the machine. Setting the scene dryness make the conditioner last longer.

This is because dry conditions can reduce the performance of the AC fan and compressor. On the other hand, if the AC unit is overworked, the potential for damage will be faster and you will have to service it more often.

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If the AC used is within normal limits, the temperature is good, not harsh, then the machine will last longer.


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