5 powerful plants repel mosquitoes, easy to grow

5 powerful plants repel mosquitoes, easy to grow


Plant mosquito repellent has become a reality. Apart from beautifying the house, some of these plants are effective in making them mosquito escape.

Not only annoying, mosquitoes are also known as one of the valley a carrier disease. For example, parasites Plasmodium which causes malaria or parasites Dengue the causes of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).

Spraying chemical insect repellants is the easiest way to repel mosquitoes indoors. But sometimes, the water can get stuck on the pillow or food which is dangerous for health.

Instead of using insecticides, you can use natural methods to repel mosquitoes. One of them can be made by other types of plants. Here are some of them.

1. Marigold

One of these easy-to-grow flowers gives off a scent that mosquitoes hate. Citing different sources, this flower not only repels mosquitoes, but also prevents aphids, whiteflies, bean beetles, insects, and tomato worms.

Marigolds can be planted in pots and placed near the balcony or the door of the house to repel insects.

2. Strong catmint

Another mosquito repellent plant is catnip which is easy to grow. Maintenance is very easy.

This cat-loving plant also has the benefit of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

A study done at Iowa State University found that catnip is ten times more effective than chemicals used to repel mosquitoes. Mosquitoes hate catnip essential oil.

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3. Ageratum


These purple flowers contain coumarin, a substance that helps repel mosquitoes.

But, you also have to be careful, because coumarin is also harmful to people and animals if ingested.

4. Lavender

It is no secret that this plant is effective in making mosquitoes leave. Launched in different ways, the essential oil in the leaves of this plant has a smell that insects, including mosquitoes, hate.

In fact, lavender oil is said to inhibit mosquitoes’ ability to smell.

5. Alium or onion flower

Allium is an anti-mosquito plant. This plant emits an onion scent that is effective in repelling insects, including mosquitoes.

With an attractive flower head, this flower is easy to grow. You can plant them in pots or directly in the ground.


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