5 People at Risk for OCD, Must Be Managed Carefully

5 People at Risk for OCD, Must Be Managed Carefully


confusional disorder (OCD) is a problem mental health which needs attention.

Although it does not have a direct effect, there are many characteristics though conduct Some factors make a person more likely to have OCD.

Basically, OCD is a mental disorder that causes a person to do certain things over and over again. These activities were done to overcome the anxiety that arose in his mind.

Many people think that the things they do are not rational. However, people with OCD often have trouble controlling their urges to do so.

OCD Risk Factors

Even now, there are still many experts who cannot know for sure the cause of OCD. But of course, stress can worsen OCD symptoms.

OCD is also known to be more common in girls than boys in teenagers or young adults.

Basically, the OCD factor consists of many factors. Here’s the quote WebMD:

– genetics;
– some brain systems;
– depression or anxiety;
– a terrifying experience
– a history of violence.

But beyond that, experts have long believed that certain personality traits can influence the likelihood of OCD. Sigmund Freud, for example, who believed that people who often feel indecisive and always lead a good life are at risk of developing OCD.

A lonely big young Asian man is sitting on the floor in the bedroom leaning on the bed and crying.  A broken hearted, desperate man sits on the floor listening to music from his headphones alone.Example. There are some people who are more at risk of developing OCD. (iStock/CandyRetriever)

Studies have also found that these behaviors are found in people diagnosed with OCD.

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There are about five personality traits that are thought to predispose to the development of OCD. Here are some of them, they mention Good Mind.

1. Complementary

This character appears to be always in need of a situation or something that is seen as perfect. His obsession with perfection often causes a person to experience OCD.

2. Full of doubts

They are generally indecisive or take a long time to decide something. People with this condition have also been found to be more likely to develop OCD.

3. Interesting

This character describes someone who has a tendency to do whatever they feel like doing at the moment. Many actions are carried out without thinking about the future consequences.

4. Weight

Responsibility is actually good. It’s just that, on some scale, this trend has reversed.

They generally have a tendency to feel responsible for the actions of others.

5. Neurotis

They generally avoid situations that are considered dangerous. It makes them create ‘forts’ by doing things over and over again.


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