5 Natural Ingredients That Brighten Nails

5 Natural Ingredients That Brighten Nails

Having clean and shiny nails is the dream of many people and it makes them feel confident. It is not surprising that there are now many beauty salons that offer a series of nail treatments. Some of these natural ingredients can be used to get healthy and shiny nails, what are they? Check out this post!

1. Water

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Rose water is known to be good for facial toners, masks and hair treatments. Now, rose water is also good for nail care so it is a natural pink.

2. Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is a plant with many benefits, in addition to being able to nourish the hair and nourish the skin, Aloe vera juice helps to nourish the nails. How to apply aloe juice on the nail and let it stay for some time. Then rinse clean.

3. Lemon

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Soaking your nails with lemon juice will give good results to your nails. Nails will look clean and shiny. How to make nails shine naturally with orange juice is very easy.

4. Star

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This green color and highly viscous acid can make the nails feel clean, especially between the nails and of course make the nails shiny. It’s easy, just by rubbing the nails in starfruit until the nails are clean.

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5. Garlic

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It has been proven that this natural ingredient is the most effective in strengthening nails. How to use it is easy, just cut the garlic in half and rub it on your nails regularly. The properties of garlic will make the nails strong, white and less prone to breakage. Don’t forget to wash your hands with mild soap and use hand cream afterwards to keep your hands and nails smooth and smelling good!

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