5 Myths of Yellow Teeth, Really because of dirt and disease?

5 Myths of Yellow Teeth, Really because of dirt and disease?


Gigi Yellowing is a common condition that many people experience.

However, there are still many people who do not understand what actually causes the yellowing of teeth. There is a lot of misunderstanding about tooth decay.

Everyone naturally associates white teeth with healthy teeth. In fact, tooth color is not a clear indicator of oral health. When it comes to teeth, people have different colors. Tooth color also depends on many other factors.

1. Myth: Natural teeth are bright white

This is one of the most common misconceptions about tooth whitening. Teeth are not naturally bright, except for people with good genes.

Teeth are made up of minerals, cementum, pulp, and dentin.

Dentin is a naturally yellow colored layer. Although the enamel covering the dentin is white, it is bright enough to allow the dentin to be seen. Having thin enamel means more dentin is showing, which causes the teeth to have a yellow color.

However, according to dentist Stephanie Adelia Susanto, white teeth are actually more commonly identified as healthy teeth.

“In dentistry, white teeth are usually identified as healthy teeth because they have been cleaned from stains and dirt,” said Adelia when met in Karet Kuningan area, South Jakarta, Thursday (8/9).

2. Myth: Yellow teeth mean sick teeth

Plaque build-up can intensify the yellow color of teeth, having yellow teeth does not mean bad teeth.

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If a person has thin enamel or white enamel, there is nothing that can be done to protect the dark teeth. Even those who experience tooth discoloration due to coffee or alcohol consumption may not necessarily have an unhealthy smile.

“If it can be said that yellow teeth are not healthy, there is truth and there is no truth in it. , then it is healthy,” said Adelia.

As long as teeth are cleaned regularly and checked regularly, there is no need to worry about yellow teeth affecting your overall health.

5 Myths of Yellow Teeth, Really because of dirt and disease?