5 Movies and TV Shows That Taught Us “We Must Beware of Artificial Intelligence”

5 Movies and TV Shows That Taught Us “We Must Beware of Artificial Intelligence”

Is an AI capable of replacing humans in the long term and dominating the world? It’s a thought that haunts and frightens many of you. And if sci-fi cinema has taught us anything, it’s that we better be wary of these technologies with superior intelligence… Here are a few examples.

The Matrix (1999)

This Oscar-winning sci-fi film with stunning artificial intelligence-themed special effects is a must-see. Neo, a programmer and hacker, has a question that plagues him day and night: What is the Matrix? With the duo Trinity and Morpeus, they will learn that the world they live in is just an imposed illusion, powered by man-made electricity captured by machines… In this dystopia where the technology would have taken over mankind’s utter dominance, then a battle between the three acolytes and the robots begins.

Terminator (1984)

To illustrate the danger that AI could pose, the movie Terminator is a damning example. Set between the past and the dystopian future, the essence revolves around the fate of Sarah Connor, who is pregnant with the one who will destroy Skynet, an intelligent machine bent on eradicating humanity, in the near future. A cyborg assassin named The Terminator then engages in a merciless battle with a human traveler from the future, Kyle Reese, to unravel the fate of the mother of humanity’s savior in 2029, John Connor.

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M3GAN (2022)

The horror film M3GAN, whose sequel is expected in 2025, perfectly illustrates the terror that an autonomous and malicious AI model would unleash. M3GAN doll was originally intended to be a loyal and protective friend to Cady, an 8-year-old orphan. But the developing cyborg takes this protective function too seriously and begins to pose a real threat. She becomes autonomous and becomes a terrifying murderess with a single master: herself!

Me, Robot (2004)

Played by the famous Will Smith, detective Del Spooner investigates the alleged suicide of a robotics inventor in 2035 and eventually realizes it was one of his inventions that allegedly murdered him. Endowed with great intelligence, the AIs created by the researcher have been secretly forging a plan for years: to enslave humanity and gain full domination over it.

The Machine (2013)

In the middle of the Cold War, a British researcher develops the first-ever artificial intelligence, which he calls Ava. She becomes an asset to the army, but terrifies the other soldiers, who only see her as a weapon of mass destruction, indestructible and extremely dangerous. For her part, Ava is searching for her identity and rebelling against her creator and the system, even if it means she poses a serious threat to the world…

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