5 Mistakes Using Retinol You Must Avoid

5 Mistakes Using Retinol You Must Avoid

Retinol is one of the medicines working ingredients which is called powerful to change the appearance of the skin. For those of you who don’t know, retinol is a form of vitamin A that is now used as an ingredient. skin care which works to make the skin brighter and away from the signs of aging.

Retinol itself has been used since the age of 19 to protect the skin’s appearance from signs of aging such as dull skin. hyperpigmentation, fine lines and dry skin. Well, with this power, it turns out that retinol can’t be used carelessly, you know.

For those of you who have already used it skin care contains retinol or are new to use, here are 5 mistakes when using skin care contains retinol which should be avoided. For maximum results, let’s read it first, Bela!

1. Many uses

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Feel the skin dry after use skin care with retinol content? Now it’s time to check your usage skin care and. For starters, use skin care with the recommended content of retinol is 2-3 times a week at night. In addition, the recommended concentration starts from a small amount and then begins to increase after the skin gets used to it and there are no negative reactions.

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2. Mixed with AHA BHA

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Another mistake is mixing skin care retinol content skin care Contains AHA BHA. AHA BHA has the function of exfoliating the skin so that the dead cells of the skin will rise, while retinol has the function of stimulating the formation of skin collagen which increases the health of the body, of course when combined this makes the skin work harder which can cause it. skin outbreak. Therefore, before mixing the product skin care contains retinol with the product skin care Otherwise, you need to take care of the content first.

3. Using a high concentration of retinol skincare from the start

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When you use it for the first time skin care with retinol content, you should try a lower concentration first. Again, try first one that has a toner type instead of a medicine. Products toner with retinol content will work a lot surgical on the skin than in the blood. Use this small amount first to prevent unwanted skin inflammation.

4. Do not use face cream

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Benefit skin care with retinol content must be combined with the use of facial moisturizer. This is to prevent skin dryness or irritation. By using a moisturizer according to your skin type, this is an effort to protect your skin skin barrier-it’s powerful as long as you use it skin care It contains retinol which is also the first effect that can make the skin dry.

5. Don’t use sunscreen when you go out

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In addition to moisturizer, use sunscreen he can’t skip here! Retinol will make our skin more sensitive to the sun, as a result of the time you don’t use it sunscreen After using retinol, the skin will be red or sore. So, if you decide to use retinol, don’t let it go skip use sunscreen yes.

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