5 members leave the group; 8 Renew their Soompi contract

5 members leave the group; 8 Renew their Soompi contract

WJSN contracts are the order of the day.

With the girl group’s contract with Starship Entertainment ending in February, the time had come for an extension or exit.

Then, on March 3, the agency announced that 5 members were permanently retiring from WJSN and the company, while 8 remain under contract.

Starship Entertainment said:

” Good morning. It’s Starship Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to once again express our deep gratitude to the UJUNGs at home and abroad who constantly provide love and support to WJSN.

Starship Entertainment recently renewed the contracts with our artist WJSN EXY’s eight members, Seola, Bona, Soobin, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung and Yeonjung.

We have had frank and thorough discussions with members Luda and Dawon for a long time, but unfortunately our exclusive contracts with them are expiring. We express our deepest gratitude for the great effort and dedication Luda and Dawon have shown so far. We respect Luda and Dawon’s decisions and will encourage and support their new activities and ways forward. Also, regarding the three Yuehua Entertainment members Xuan Yi, Cheng Xiao, and Mei Qi who joined WJSN’s promotions, their contracts as WJSN ended automatically.

As for the members with whom we have renewed contracts based on our loyalty and mutual trust, we will make all our efforts for the activities of WJSN and make the members shine more with their activities in various fields, and we promise not to hold back, to give our full and systematic support.

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Please show warm encouragement and support to WJSN members as they stand at a new starting line.

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