5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Have A Silly Fan Calls Kpop News

5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Have A Silly Fan Calls Kpop News

(TW: Mentions of sexual harassment)

K-pop idols are always there for fans to interact with. From live broadcasts to fan meetings, each has embedded a precious memory for every fan. In line with idol fan engagement, a feature of this theme is that of fan video calls.

Similar to how fan meetings work, a fan call initiates an interaction with the idol on a screen, usually via a phone or other working device. This style is popular with international fans who are unattainable due to its effectiveness.

While the idea can be healthy in a parasocial relationship, there are unfortunate times when a fan pushes the boundaries of being an idol, leading to some painful and terrifying moments.

Here Are 5 Male K-Pop Idols Who Have Got Silly Fan Calls!


(Photo: Seventeen Twitter)

First on this list is Vernon from SEVENTEEN. At one of the band’s fan calls, a fan gimmick didn’t last long enough for Vernon to back down throughout the session. In this video, the fan had the guts to play the role of a cop, arresting Vernon for being too “hot” and that he had the right to remain “sexy.”

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As if that wasn’t enough, the fan also asked poor Vernon to throw up his hands and send an on-demand “kiss,” which clearly drove him nuts.

2. Stray Kids Han

Stray Kids Han

(Photo: Instagram: @realstraykids)

Stray Kids’ Han also shared an awkward moment with a video call winner. In the fan appeal, the fan praised Han’s voice as “really sexy,” which Han was both surprised and uncomfortable to hear. The fan also threw around flirting terms like “baby”. However, Han handled the situation very well. Watch the video here.

3. NCT Jae Hyun

NCT Jaehyun is receiving complaints about a lack of communication with NCTzens - here's why

(Photo: Jaehyun (News1))

NCTzens are all too familiar with NCT Jaehyun’s iconic fan call, where a fan “proposed” him. The caller began by quietly quoting the lyrics to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” before asking Jaehyun what she wanted to do, to which the idol replied.

Finally, the caller boldly declared: “Hey baby, I think I want to marry you” Causing second-hand embarrassment within the fandom and Jaehyun. The fan didn’t stop there as she followed a question, and this time she was quoted from TWICE’s “Yes or Yes”.

Luckily, Jaehyun was kind enough to play with the fan stunt. With the NCTzens, however, it was clearly the opposite. Click here to see the call!

4. Stray Kids Hyunjin

Stray Children Hyunjin

(Photo: Instagram: @realstraykids)

Hyunjin’s silly experience with a fan call attracted attention not only because of its embarrassing nature, but also because of the cultural differences themes discussed in the video.

During the call, the fan asked Hyunjin to call her “mother”, which Hyunjin interpreted as “Eomma” and the context that he was the fan’s “son”.

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However, this was not the case with international STAY as they took it as something mean and even considered the fan’s behavior as sexual harassment. Watch the video here.

5. NCT Brand

NCT brand

(Photo: Instagram: @onyour__ark)

Of the situations listed here, this is probably the least sullen due to its healing nature. NCT Mark had a great but fun experience with a fan. When called out, the fan happily sang “Feel Special” by TWICE.

During the singing, NCT Mark was shown smiling afterwards due to the fan’s confident and loud performance. The fans were both amused and amazed by the fans’ chants, which made Mark smile. Here you can see the video!

Do you know other K-pop idols who have experienced fan interactions? Let us know in the comments below!

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