5 key dates in Alban Lenoir’s career

5 key dates in Alban Lenoir’s career

Alban Lenoir stars alongside Éric Cantona and Thibault de Montalembert in action film AKA, available on Netflix this Friday, April 28, 2023. Focus on five key dates in Alban Lenoir’s career.

2007 : discovered in camelot

In 2007, Alban Lenoir was spotted in the comedy series camelotcreated by Alexandre Astier, where he played the role of Fergus, one of Lancelot’s warriors. His character was notable for his limited speech and naivety.

Later, Alban Lenoir has a role in the television series hero corp, written and directed by Simon Astier, half brother of Alexandre Astier. He embodies the character of “ForceMustang” who has the power of telekinesis. He is a superhero with huge hair and beard.

2008: Actor Stuntman

In 2008, Alban Lenoir began working as a stuntman in several films alongside his acting job. He notably showcased his physical talents in the film out of stock by Pierre Morel and The Princess of Montpensier by Bertrand Tavernier, published in 2010.

April 17, 2013 : The children

Alban Lenoir stars in the film The children, released April 17, 2013, starring Alain Chabat, film co-written by Max Boublil and Anthony Marciano. He then plays the role of Romain, an attractive young man who likes older women and is famous for his iconic bathroom scene. The film was a huge success in France, with over 1.6 million admissions.

Note that Alban Lenoir had previously performed alongside Max Boublil. It was 2011: Alban Lenoir starred in the famous clip alongside comedian-singer Max Boublil My flatmate’where he played the roommate in love with Boublil.

Alban Lenoir also appeared in other music videos, such as to whisper of the proud en 2012 ou kamikaze by Disiz in 2014.

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June 10th 2015 : French, And turning dto his career

The film’s theatrical release date is June 10, 2015 French, from diastema. Alban Lenoir experienced a real turning point in his career when he starred in this drama. He bursts the screen in this true story-inspired film in which he plays Marco, a skinhead, a penitent neo-Nazi. With his friends Braguette, Grand-Guy, Marvin, Marco spends his days beating up blacks and Arabs and putting up far-right posters until he feels all that hatred has been abandoned against his will. His remarkable performance earned him a nomination for the 2016 Césars Révélations and another for the Lumière Male Revelation Award. For this role, Alban Lenoir had to shave his head for auditions and gain fourteen pounds, which he lost during filming. He also watched many documentaries on the subject to better understand his character. who will confess L’express the day of the theatrical release: I knew this would be the role of my life. I shaved my head for the auditions, I was the only one who dared. I’ve eaten a lot of documentaries on the subject and I must have gained 30 pounds that I lost while filming. I was shocked. »

In 2015 he also starred in the action film antigangin the role of a policeman with unconventional methods.

At the same time, Alban Lenoir continues to shine on television in the comedy series Lazy Pursue. He also plays Gregor d’Hossegor, a dodgy-looking surfer, in the film. brice 3 next to Jean Dujardin.

On the private side, Alban Lenoir also started a relationship with actress Anne Serra in 2015.

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In 2018, he appeared in the drama angel’s facealongside Marion Cotillard.

Out of 2019: Confirmation

Alban Lenoir has definitely found his place in the world of French cinema. He continues to make a name for himself with roles in French cinema L’Intervention, The crab sequins etc ball lost.

In 2021 he finds the team from camelot for the first part of the film adaptation of the cult series. The following year, 2022, he is in several productions such as Revenge of the glitter shrimp or world of yesterday. His face is now familiar to French cinemagoers.

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