5 key dates in ABBA Group’s career

5 key dates in ABBA Group’s career

It will be almost 50 years since Swedish group ABBA was formed, looking back on the amazing career of the union of these two legendary couples

Agnetha Faltskog, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid. These not-so-well-known names are the brilliant quartet from ABBA, the world-famous Swedish group that got us all dancing. The name ABBA is a palindrome and an acronym, it was originally two couples: Agnetha and Björn and (Anni-frid) said Frida and Benny. The group, which formed in 2021, has just denied participating in the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden.

1974: Waterloo, triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest

After the complete failure of the name “Festfolk”, the quartet adopts the name ABBA, an acronym for their four names. In 1974 they managed to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest, which was then held in Brighton, UK. You sing the song Waterloo, which tells a love story and connects it to Napoleon’s greatest defeat. Dressed in kitschy satin costumes, the show gives Sweden a big win. Shortly thereafter, the song became a worldwide hit.

1976: Dancing Queen

The song was written specifically for the Queen of Sweden’s wedding on August 13, 1976. This single, which became one of the biggest singles in the world, reached number one on the charts in many countries. In addition, it is considered the favorite song of the Queen of England. This piece will remain in the collective memory as the group, used to composing, arranging and mixing all of their sounds, dressed very whimsically and colorfully that day. It is this visual identity that will also shape people and give new impetus to the increasingly popular disco of the 70s. Later, many titles appeared with equally great success around the world: we note in particular Money, money, money, know me, know you (sublimated title by John Lennon), The name of the game is: take a chance on me eagle (in some countries) and Summer Night City.

Dancing Queen dans Mama Mia! (2008), a film that contributed to the rediscovery of the mythical group.

1978: Release of the documentary film ABBA-The Movie

Released in May 1978 in the United States, this film received more than 20 million admissions. It landed at number 5 in the Movies of the Year category. Such was the success that the month of May this year was declared “ABBA Month” across the country. He contributed significantly to the fame of the group. But one member of the group begins to suffer from this excessive success, it is Agnetha. The latter, who forms the singing duo with Anni-Frid, is increasingly afraid of crowds. In addition, the fear of the plane grows, which quickly forces the group to forgo many concerts. Not to mention her children, who she can no longer see because of the tours. This situation leads to the failure of her relationship with Björn. They divorced in January 1979.

1982: Separation from the group

In 1881 it was Anni-Frid’s and Benny’s turn: the couple also divorced. After ruling the disco planet for more than a decade, the quartet disbands, leaving them no longer wanting to sing and play together. What happens after that? Well, one song already embodies the beginnings of this break, that of Agnetha Fältskog and Björn Ulvaeus with the title The winner gets everything released in July 1980. Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad decide to pursue their solo career but do not have the success they expected. While Benny Andersson is building an orchestra, the BAO! It will therefore be necessary to wait until 2021, all septuagenarians, for a reform of the group.

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resume from The winner gets everything (1980)

2021: Legendary reunion

On September 2nd, after a 40-year absence, Universal announced the return of the group ABBA in a press release. This came despite a bid in 2000 by a British consortium that offered the band $1 billion for a tour. The group had refused because it was an unsustainable rhythm, which was on the order of more than 250 concerts a year. But since November 6, 2021, ABBA has released a new album: Trip. They now do concerts with holograms. In total, ABBA would have sold more than 400 million records worldwide, by comparison the Beatles have sold 600 million records worldwide, just behind Elvis Presley at the top with more than 1 billion records sold. ABBA is back, and it is indeed the return of a legendary group.

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