5 important women in the MeToo movement

5 important women in the MeToo movement

The MeToo movement was one of the biggest advances in the fight against sexual violence and harassment, inspiring women around the world to break their silence and share their experiences.

Tarana Burke

Tarana Burke is an American activist, author, and community organizer known for her advocacy for women’s and girls’ rights, particularly addressing sexual violence. In 2006, she founded the MeToo movement in response to sexual violence suffered by young girls and women in African American communities.

« When you’re not ready to tell your story in detail in front of everyone, then saying those simple words, “Me too,” is powerful and sweet. ».

On October 5, 2006 exactly, #MeToo will circle the world.

In 2018, she explained in a video on the MIC website that she herself is a ” survivor of sexual assault:

«I spent a lot of time in my early twenties wondering how I would heal. I talked a lot, with friends, with my community, but I found a real space to talk when people could sympathize with me.

And also add:

“I believe in the beauty of #MeToo, in the beauty of community, in the support people can give one another. »

Alyssa Milano

She is an actress and activist who popularized the hashtag #MeToo in 2017 in response to allegations of sexual assault against Harvey Weinstein. Specifically, on October 15, 2017, on Twitter, she encouraged women to share their stories of harassment and sexual assault on social media. From then on, there will be a big movement of the hashtag #MeToo: in the following three months, more than three million posts will be listed on Twitter.

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Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd (real name Ashley Tyler Ciminella) is an actress and activist who was one of the first women to speak out against Harvey Weinstein in 2017. She was also one of the first actresses to speak publicly about her experiences of being sexually assaulted by film producers.

rose McGowan

She is an actress and activist who was also one of the first women to denounce Harvey Weinstein in 2017. She revealed her attack twenty years earlier when she was 23 years old. She was one of the strongest supporters of the MeToo movement and used her platform to speak about her personal experiences and to call for change in the entertainment industry.

Expect Love Henson

American actress Taraji Penda Henson was one of the first famous faces to publicly support the Me Too movement. She has also worked to raise awareness about sexual violence by participating in fundraisers and supporting awareness campaigns with her voice.

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