5 Fantasy of Women’s Love, Sometimes You Want to Be a Cop

5 Fantasy of Women’s Love, Sometimes You Want to Be a Cop


Who said only men can think six? Women can too.

Men definitely want to know their partner’s sexual thoughts. But unfortunately, most women don’t want to tell the truth about their thoughts or feelings about bed activities.

Sexual fantasy plays an important role in sexual life. Sex teacher Emily Nagoski in her book The Best Bedside Guide for Women’s Pain he said, sexual thoughts can increase desire when physical pleasure is not enough to bring people to the main goal.

The best way to find out about your partner’s sexual thoughts is to ask them directly. However, women often do not want to share their feelings.

No need to worry, here are some cheats on what women expect, for those of you interested.

1. Making love orally

You and your partner can be married. However, don’t be angry if it turns out that you are not the one who often appears in your wife’s mind.

A 2001 study published in Journal of Sexuality Studies found that 80 percent of married women admit that they are attracted to other people.

Concentrate Huffington PostSex counselor Ian Kerner says, thinking about new people is a way to remember things you want to pursue.

While mentioning CNNA study conducted by Justin Lehmiller found that the appearance of certain figures in addition to a partner in fantasy as a form of emotional needs, such as feeling loved, wanted, and worthy of sex.

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2. Inheritance

I love you more than you can imagineExample. Women often think they can dominate sex (istockphoto/PopleImages)

Women think that they dominate the bed. This can be different from the general bed environment, where women tend to be the passive party.

Inheritance is not always a matter of sex woman on top or BDSM experiments. Kerner said, this type of assumption is actually a form of a woman’s desire to love her partner. In addition, women also want someone to ask for their attention.

3. A bit forced

Love involves consent or accept. However, women secretly think of being in trouble and forced to have sex.

Have you ever felt intense pain while watching a movie where the male lead ‘locks’ the female’s hands against the wall and forces a kiss? This is what women think.

As reported from Psychology TodayA survey found that 52 percent of women have an opinion about being forced to have sex with men.

4. An exhibitor

Generally, making love is done in a private place such as a bedroom, hotel room, bathroom, or any other place where you two are alone. But sometimes, according to Kerner, women are hesitant about having sex in open or more public places.

This shows the behavior of exhibitionism, where others can observe the sexual activity. However, apparently this can bring interest.

5. Three

The idea of ​​sex is off-limits, and it is often called taboo. Create one partner, three-three or having sex with two people is definitely not a good idea.

However, this kind of sexism reflects the need for women to be in love with men.

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