5 famous spooky places in Scotland

5 famous spooky places in Scotland

With the upcoming release of the Scotland: Land of Terror series on 10th June at 9pm on Discovery Science, it’s high time to tell you the story of the 5 most terrifying places in the most haunted place on earth: Scotland.

Glencoe Plains

On February 13, 1692, one of the bloodiest massacres in the country’s history took place on the Glencoe Plain. Clan Campbell invaded Clan Macdonald lands as mere visitors and brutally murdered 38 clan members, including men, women and children. Survivors of the massacre fled to the surrounding mountains, but the bitter freezing cold that prevailed there overwhelmed these unfortunate victims.

The plains are therefore the grave of their corpses, and witnesses claim to have heard the heartrending screams of the martyrs echoing in the valley. But also to have seen paranormal reconstructions of the hecatomb that took place in these places … These phenomena are all the more numerous and important around the date of the killing.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is considered the world’s most haunted place in Scotland, and each year it welcomes many seasoned visitors eager to unravel the mysteries of the terrifying building. In fact, paranormal phenomena follow one another in the house and the spirits seem to have set up their quarters there.

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You might be lucky enough to come across the ghosts of former inmates or even the famous drummer who was beheaded. The bangs of his instruments, which resounded like a morbid echo in the castle, terrified many onlookers. But his physical appearance remains unusual, so unusual is it. The legend of the place is said to have warned of an impending danger for the castle…

Stirling Castle

Haunted by the specter of a ghost in a kilt, this castle is historically one of Scotland’s most significant buildings. This ghost in traditional dress is often mistaken for a guide by stunned tourists when they suddenly see him disappear through walls.

It is also a unique opportunity to meet one of the members of the royal crown, or rather, what is left of it, as the ghost of Queen Mary would roam the curves of the castle’s alleys.

The Old Tay Bridge

On December 28, 1879, a terrible macabre tragedy happened on the Tay Bridge. It is one of the most impressive railway dramas in the history of the “land of legends”. While a train full of passengers was crossing the bridge, a disastrous storm hit the structure hard, which collapsed almost immediately, taking with it the bodies of all the carriages’ occupants… None of them survived the catastrophe…

From the wreckage that can still be seen alongside the new replacement, legend has it that on the anniversary of the tragedy the ghost of the train continued its journey up the Tay before sinking in the same spot where it first collapsed. …

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The subterranean vaults of Niddry Street

In the cellars of the glorious city of Edinburgh lies a strange and terrifying alley that was the abode of many serial killers in the late 18th century. They had taken to killing and hiding their victims there…

A horrific atmosphere pervades the subterranean vaults when they reopen in the 1980s after decades of closure. A wizarding brotherhood has made their quarters there, and they witness a variety of paranormal phenomena in locations that are unusually deteriorating. An angry ghost also acts on the street and bursts all existing lightbulbs except for the last one. It looks like this spirit has a particular aversion to light…

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