5 Facts About Sun Protection and Its Symptoms

5 Facts About Sun Protection and Its Symptoms

Sunshine Even sunscreen is one of the products that you must use every morning and throughout the day. Skin care This type helps protect the skin from exposure to UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin damage.

It started to rise sunburn on the body, signs of premature aging, to dangerous cancer. It’s important, many people always have sunscreen on hand at all times, and even have a dedicated product so they won’t run out. Yes, but so what sunscreen– you didn’t finish?

There is no difference skin care others, there is a date made and an expiration date (it ended) on the packaging sunscreen. What will happen then? sunscreen on the border? What happens if you apply? sunscreen did it end on your skin? Initiation from Bustle, this is the answer to all your questions.

1. What sunscreen can it expire?

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Harassment, sunscreen it can end. However, skin care It has a long straight life. According to dermatologists, sunscreen is an FDA approved skin care product that can be purchased without a prescription.

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This means that this product has passed a stability test that can give a specific expiration date. If used beyond this date, the manufacturer cannot provide a warranty sunscreen can work better all.

Many good skin care products write the end of the month of use, such as 6M or 12M. However, most people rarely see this sign when purchasing this product. You also don’t know how long the product is on display on the shelf or warehouse.

However, dermatologists say otherwise sunscreen reduce this by including the actual date. This way, you can find out the expiration date sunscreen.

2. How long sunscreen can you survive?

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Compartment sunscreen others do not clearly state the expiration date. If so, how long will this product be in good condition for use? Dermatologists say the maximum time of use sunscreen it’s 3 years. So if you have a collection sunscreen those who are 3 years old or older, throw it away, Bela.

However, do not forget that the product has been behind for some time on the shelves and shelves, for some time. Therefore, if you are not sure, the dermatologist advises you to buy it sunscreen new every summer/summer entry.

3. How to know whether sunscreen is it over?

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Generally if skin care changes in color and consistency, such as being more runny, this is the first sign sunscreen you can’t use it anymore. This guide covers both types sunscreen, mineral same to you ingredients.

In addition to changes in color and texture, dermatologists also add that a change in odor is a sign that you should throw it away. When producing sunlight, the technique is finally tested for stability. The combination of chemicals will give the product a special aroma. So when there is a change in the smell from the beginning, the possibility is that the structure of the product has changed.

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4. What strategy to look for when buying sunscreen new?

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All products sunscreen good for you, as long as it suits your needs and skin condition, Bela. From sticks, creams to gels. However, there are some important points that you should keep in mind when buying a new sunscreen.

First, research sunscreen which has at least SPF 30 protection and broad spectrum. It means, sunscreen it can protect the skin from UVA and UVB that can damage the skin’s DNA.

Second, look for products that are suitable for your skin. In general, dermatologists will advise you to avoid natural products like them cocoa butter same to you soybeans fat. Because even though it is natural, this ingredient can clog pores and cause inflammation outbreak. Finally, avoid products that contain alcohol fragrances, especially those with sensitive skin or those with rosacea. Because alcohol can irritate any skin condition.

5. How to do it sunscreen surgical?

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When you buy sunscreen Again, there is a way to extend its life. Dermatologists advise you to avoid hot or humid storage as this can destroy the SPF and weaken its ability to protect the skin from UV rays.

So, save it sunscreen in room temperature. Avoid leaving it in a car or on a hot surface. Adana sunscreen Do not expose to direct sunlight. Protect the product by wrapping the container in a towel or placing it in the shade.

So, did you answer your question about the ending? sunscreen, the dog? Finally, sunscreen It also has an expiration date and can have a negative effect if you force it to use when the quality of the product is already good. Avoid hot storage areas and try to use them according to the number or date listed on your package, Bela.

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