5 exceptional places for original holidays

5 exceptional places for original holidays

Hossegor, Corsica, Marrakech, the Costa Brava, Barcelona, ​​these are the most popular holiday destinations for the French. But if we would change a little for a more original holiday…


Utrecht is a municipality and Dutch city and a typical small town of the Netherlands.

It is known as a religious center… but not only! Its university is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the Netherlands, which makes it a very young city! Perfect for going out, the city offers very cool bars. Favor school dates (which sometimes don’t match ours) to maximize chances of meeting young locals!

When the night moves… during the day Utrecht is a rather quiet city and is often described as pretty and calming, there is nothing better to unwind from a good evening!

For the bravest, you can even take a tour of the canals and discover the city from a different angle!

And if you want to move a little in the countryside, it’s only 50 minutes from Amsterdam and about 1 hour from Rotterdam…

Bari in Italy, well…not really

Bari is a typical old town in southern Italy. The proximity to the sea is above all steeped in history. If getting lost in the small city streets can be magical, it’s not a good plan.

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Located on the border between Italy and Greece, connoisseurs often go there to take the ferry to the Greek islands. Sikinos, Paros, Serifos or even Mykonos are yours…

Here is a small map for orientation!

The glass domes

Nowadays there are many of them and they are becoming more and more popular. You have certainly heard of them, and the number is growing all the time.

They often offer a wonderful unobstructed view of nature. Its glass wall allows you to admire the wooded landscape during the day and watch the starry sky at night.

And as a bonus, some even sometimes offer Nordic baths!

If you already go out year-round and the holidays are more of a time to unwind in peace and away from the city, this relaxing and intimate experience is for you (and the lucky person who will be joining you!)

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CharlesRoi adventures

Fancy an urban safari in the “ugliest city in the world”? Is that what CharlesRoi Adventure offers?

The organizers propose to discover the dirtiest and most neglected places of this industrial city. Visiting an abandoned factory, the place where Magritte’s mother killed herself, etc.

It’s something special, but why not? Either way, things are changing!

The Cinque Terre

There is nothing better for hiking enthusiasts! These five small seaside villages nestle against the mountain. The place offers several courses for all levels.

Turquoise sea, houses of all colors, architecture and landscapes are breathtaking. In addition, the people there are friendly and the cuisine is tasty and typical of the country.

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Cars do not enter the villages, access is restricted to trains or boats. Enough to make us forget our cities’ horns for a while!

We blow!