5 Era-Defining K-Pop Acts Famous for Outperforming International Artists Kpop News

5 Era-Defining K-Pop Acts Famous for Outperforming International Artists Kpop News

K-pop has long been known for its diverse genres, as evidenced by hundreds of its songs, and with these releases, it has propelled various artists to their rise to stardom.

Originally only popular in local areas, Hallyu Wave has gradually caught on with a global audience who have come to appreciate its music, culture and more. While fans are an important factor in driving the Hallyu Wave, none of this would have been possible without the artists we love and know.

K-pop has crossed different generations. These generations include several Korean artists who have managed to establish K-pop’s influence to the point where they occasionally outperform international singers. While competition is inevitable in the music industry, some artists deserve credit for consistently delivering breakthrough results.

Featuring 5 Popular K-Pop Artists Known for Outperforming International Artists!

1. BTS

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The absolute power of K-pop is spearheaded by none other than BTS, the seven-person icon who has managed to become an inspiration to many. With their creativity, passion and love for fans, the septet is known for infusing their music with emotions that can resonate with the listener.

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Armed with the sincerity built into their releases, BTS has proven their immense popularity countless times with their charts, awards and ARMYs unconditional support. Their effect was so strong that they have also become an important economic factor for South Korea.



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BLACKPINK’s popularity is indeed undeniable, as evidenced by their chart performance, streaming results and more. Not only are they capable of making history together as a group, but also individually, as demonstrated by their solo releases.

In their latest achievement, BLACKPINK also surpassed their own idols Spice Girls and TLC to become the highest-grossing touring girl group of all time.

3. Exo

EXO's obsession conquers the Korean music charts

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EXO has proven its status as the “nation’s choice” through numerous hits, chart appearances and rapid concert ticket sales. They even won the MTV EMA’s “Best Korea Act” in 2013 and compete with international artists for the “Worldwide Act”.


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TWICE has been dubbed the “Nation’s Third Generation Girl Group” for their cultural influence, memorable songs and viral choreography. Initially, TWICE were known for their catchy music, which was well received by local fans. As the nonets’ gradual success grew, so did their influence, prompting them to start promoting themselves outside of Korea.

Whether it’s attending school events, handing out flyers on the streets, or selling lots of huge stadiums and domes, TWICE also remains an inspiration for everyone. They are also significant for their album sales and chart performance.

In 2020, TWICE overtook legendary pop icons Mariah Carey and Madonna on the Oricon charts where they landed 6 albums, beaten only by first-generation K-pop actor BoA.

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VIPs are speculating that BIGBANG will eventually release a new song every month - here's why

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The kings of K-pop don’t hold back when it comes to their accomplishments. BIGBANG is one of the legendary groups that shaped K-pop due to its potential. The group has reminded people over time that dreams are actually achievable with creativity, time and motivation.

BIGBANG has impacted the K-Pop community and industry with his genuine passion for music production and charisma, as evidenced by all of his live performances. However, their reputation has also spread internationally and even the “world act‘ at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011.

Do you know other K-Pop artists with the same caliber of popularity? Let us know in the comments below!

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