5 elements to understand… the affair of the Menéndez brothers

5 elements to understand… the affair of the Menéndez brothers

Following Jeffrey Dahmer, the second season of the Netflix series Monster, scheduled for 2024, will tell the story of the two Menéndez brothers who murdered their parents in 1989. Reasons that led them to commit this horrific double homicide?

working method

On August 20, 1989, the two brothers Erik and Lyle Menendez, aged 29 and 31 at the time of the events, murdered both of her parents, Jose and Mary, with shotguns. Their bodies lie unrecognizable on the beige sofa of their lofty Beverly Hills mansion.

The autopsy brings to light the gory details of this horrific crime… Bound by blood, the two young men shot their father first in the neck, then four more times throughout the body. The ensuing matricide is all the more horrific as her two sons finished her off with nine bullets to the head, rendering her completely unidentifiable…

Attempting to establish their alibi, they cover their tracks and leave as calmly as possible to see Batman. At exactly 11:47 p.m., 911 receives the terrifying call from Lyle, who screams in panic at the sight of their disfigured bodies. So compelling was this appeal that it took until 1996, seven years after the murder, for the two men to be convicted.

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trial and sentencing

The murder of this fabulously wealthy little family in Beverly Hills has shocked America and everyone is talking about the trial. The brothers are finally sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of leaving the country, although the true motives for the crime are still partially attested…

Theories about the reason for the murder

This trial will show that things were far from rosy under the Menendez and that it’s certainly not the image of the perfect family she wants to project… In their defense, Lyle and Erik will lift the veil on the horrific incestuous sexual abuse their father subjected them to throughout their childhood… In fact, the allegations against Jose have been proven true thanks to the testimonies and details provided by the two brothers.

Despite their body and soul resisting giving this reason for the murder of their parents, prosecutors disagree and raise the financial motive. In fact, a handsome fortune of $14 million in inheritance comes into play in the heated debate about the motives of the two killers.

relationship in prison

Sentenced to life imprisonment for their crime, the two men are being held separately until 2018. For the first time in 22 long years, the inseparable brothers are finally reunited Prison Richard J. Donovan to Otay Mesa.

Without even being able to answer the phone, the two men’s contacts amounted to long letters and remote chess games, sending their moves through the mail. After all this time apart, the reunion between the two brothers was emotional to say the least and they burst into tears before holding each other tightly for a long time…

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Adaptation of the case to the cinema

Historically, murder and criminal cases have fascinated the public, who have developed a morbid obsession with these investigations. This unhealthy fascination with horror and death has spawned a whole host of film adaptations that tell her story.

The case Menendez was no exception… First shown in the first season of the TV series Law Order True CrimeNow she’s showing a brand new Netflix production. Directed by Ryan Murphy, this new season of ” freak will also focus on the story of the two murderous brothers and was announced this Monday for 2024.

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