5 Dramas to Watch in March 2023 – K-GEN

5 Dramas to Watch in March 2023 – K-GEN

I’m finally back for your favorite article of the month! (or not…) This month of March has many kdrama releases in store for us, for my part the selection will be quite “historical”, I hope you enjoy it…

1. Delivery Man

Release Date : 1st March
Distribution : DAS, ViuTV
Published on: Wednesday and Thursday
Number of episodes: 12 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: soles
Screenwriter: Han Bo Kyung
Genres: comedy, fantasy

main actor

script : Seo Yeong Min works as a taxi driver. But not just any taxi. In fact, his customers are just ghosts and his goal is to help them achieve their dream. Kang Ji Hyun is among the people who get into this taxi. She is a ghost who no longer remembers who she was when she was alive, she can no longer get out of the taxi. Finally, Do Kyu Jin is an emergency doctor who helps the duo fulfill the spirits’ last wishes.

Between Hotel del Luna and Taxi Driver, this drama promises to be breathtaking. Even though it’s a scenario that we’ve already seen, I think it can bring the issue up and stand out in its own way. Starting with this great casting: Yoon Chang Young in the role of the driver. You probably know him from All of Us are Dead or Hope or Dope more recently. Alongside her, Bang Min Ah, a famous member of Girl’s Day, she continues her acting career after Check Out the Event. Finally, Kim Min Seok, who more recently we could see around town in School 2015, Descendants of the Sun, Doctors or even Lovestruck.


Release Date : 6th March
Distribution : KBS2
Published on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 16 (of 60+ minutes)
Directors: Han Hee, Yoon Sung Shik
Screenwriter: Jung Hyung Soo
Genres: Historical, romantic, youth

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main actor

script : This drama plunges us into the 80’s and 90’s and follows the story of three high school students. Lee Doo Hak comes from a province, his family is poor. He is described as intelligent and likeable. He falls in love with Oh Jung Shin, a student from Seoul. She is honest and confident and likes to fight against injustice. After all, Choi Cheol is Woong Lee Du Hak’s best friend and rival. They have known each other since childhood and constantly compare each other. Meeting Oh Jung Shin is likely to greatly affect their friendship.

I chose this drama in particular for the atmosphere created by the teasers and the fact that it’s set in the 80’s. I believe this drama will be a mix of the ease of life and the rigors of the trials that our main triangle will traverse. This is performed by Jang Dong Yoon, whose latest drama is Search in 2020, and Seol In A, which has great success according to Business Proposal. Moreover, these two actors were also in school in 2017. And finally Choo Yeong Woo who continues his acting career with this 4th drama, the previous one was One Upon a Small Town.

3. Pandora: Under Paradise

Release Date : March 11
Distribution : FORCE, tvN
Published on: Saturdays and Sundays
Number of episodes: 16 (out of 60 minutes)
Director: Choi Young Hoon
Screenwriter: Hyun Ji Min
Genres: action thriller

main actor

script : Hong Tae Ra leads a rather peaceful life, except for one detail: she doesn’t remember her past. The day she remembers it, her perspective on the world will change completely. Her husband is Pyo Jae Hyun, a talented engineer who runs his own company. In the political world, we talk about him as a potential presidential candidate.

We have a lot of them these days, but we never tire of them: revenge stories in high society. Starring Lee Ji Ah, who returns to the small screen 2 years after the end of hit drama The Penthouse. With this new project, she will find Bong Tae Kyu, who also appeared in the trilogy. Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yoon will play engineer Pyo Jae Hyun. Her latest drama is One the Woman.

4.The Secret Romantic Guest House

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Release Dates: March, 20th
Distribution : SBS
Published on: Monday and Tuesday
Number of episodes: 18 (of 60+ minutes)
Director: Kim Jung Min
Screenwriter: Kwon Him Mi
Genres: History, Romance, Mystery

main actor

script : Yoon Dan Oh grew up loving his family. After the events, she became the family’s source of income by working in the boarding house of the Ihwawon Inn. Its customers are mainly students who have come to take the exam to join the Royal Guard. Among them are Kang San, Kim Shi Yeol and Jung Yoo Ha. Soon they form a quartet in search of Lee Sool, the eldest son of the dethroned prince.

A funny quartet that will give us lots of laughs in adventures each crazier than the last. We’ll quickly become attached to each of these characters. In particular to Yoon Dan O, interpreted by Shin Ye Eun, who plays an essential role in the middle with these last roles in Revenge of Others and The Glory. She will be surrounded by Ryeon Un, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo, who you’ve seen in Through the Darkness, Little Women, and Extraordinary You, respectively. If you liked Royal Secret Agent, it’s by the same director, so go for it!

5. Joseon Lawyer

Release Dates: March 31
Distribution : MBC
Published on: Friday and Saturday
Number of episodes: 16 (out of 60 minutes)
Directors: Lee Han Joon, Kim Seung Ho
Screenwriters: Choi Jin Young and Jung Ho Rak
Genres: Historical, legal, romantic

main actor

script : This drama takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. Kang Han Soo became a lawyer to get revenge on the person responsible for his parents’ deaths. In this quest, he becomes a respected lawyer and will work with Princess Lee Yeon Joo and Judge Yoo Ji Sun, who are known for delivering fair judgments.

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We’ll stay in the historical field, but this time with some notions of law! Between romance and revenge, this historical drama may interest more than one. Especially since its cast is quite interesting: Woo Do Hwan finally returning to the small screen, 3 years after The King: Eternal Monarch. Bona, a WJSN member best known for her role as Go Yu Rim in Twenty Five Twenty One. And finally Cha Hak Yeon, also known as N from VIXX, who continues his acting career after Bad and Crazy.

That’s the end of the article, I hope your lists didn’t get too long! For my part, too much drama makes me want to watch it and I have less and less time, so it’s going to stay on this “to watch” list for a long time. March also marks the return of The Glory with its second season on March 10th.

Feel free to give your feedback and discuss the dramas that interest you or are currently watching!

I wish you a nice month of March!

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