5 Differences in Hair Treatments and Vitamins You Should Know

5 Differences in Hair Treatments and Vitamins You Should Know


Medicines and hair vitamins are types of products care which at first glance looks like. But actually both have differences, both in terms of function and content.

Here’s the difference between blood therapy and hair vitamins to know the right time to use it.

Although serums and vitamins both provide nourishment to the hair, these two products have their own rules of use.

Like medicine, this product is highly recommended for those of you who have problems with damaged hair. Because the medicine has the function of restoring damaged hair to health.

Difference Between Serum and Hair Vitamin

Photo of a beautiful young woman in the bathroom doing makeup after showering.  A woman in a bathing suit, applying makeup and smiling.  Close, copy space data.Example. Difference between vitamin serum and hair (Photo: iStockphoto/Evrymmnt)

Before you decide to use medicine or vitamin care products, you should first identify the following basic differences.

1. Type of hair

The first difference between serum and vitamin is in the type of hair. Chemical use is highly recommended for hair types that are prone to damage such as dryness, dryness, and split ends.

This damage is usually done by using too many chemicals on the hair.

When using vitamins, it is meant for normal hair types that are not dry and brittle.

Vitamins can be used every day because they can help the hair to be healthy and protected from damage.

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2. Work

Serums and vitamins have different functions. The serum works to protect the hair, smooth it, and take care of damaged hair to make it shiny again.

In general, the serum serves to restore damaged hair to normal and healthy again.

This is because the serum is rich in nutrients which makes it suitable for use on hair that has been damaged by excessive chemicals and dry hair.

Although vitamins can also work to moisturize the hair, their use cannot restore the damaged condition. Because vitamins only work to beautify and give fragrance to the hair.

3. Content

treatment face illustrationExample. The difference between serum and hair vitamins is in their ingredients. (Photo: iStockphoto/Anastasiia Pokliatska)

The difference between medicine and vitamins is in their ingredients. When looking at the composition of the ingredients, medicine and vitamins are clearly different.

What is in the blood is more complete than vitamins. Medicines are full of important nutrients such as biotin, vitamin D, zinc, keratin, omega-3 fatty acids, essential oils, and others.

While vitamins generally contain zinc, keratin, iron, and many other nutrients that help hair to be shiny.

4. Benefits

The benefits of medicine and vitamin products are very different.

Depending on the results obtained from the use of the serum, your hair which has been damaged from the beginning such as loss, dullness, and split ends can return to health if you use the medicinal product regularly.

While using vitamin products, it can benefit your hair and moisturize the hair and protect it from exposure to UV rays.

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5. How to work

Depending on the ingredients contained in each product, the way they work is very different.

The content of this solution has small particles so that all types of hair and scalp can absorb it easily. While vitamins can only work on the hair.

That is why it is recommended to use medicinal products for damaged hair because the way it works is fast and nutritional food is more complicated than using vitamin products.

This is the difference between serum and vitamin that you need to know. Hope it helps you in finding the right hairstyles for your hair.


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