5 Cultures That Prevent Acne, One Of Them Is The Style Of Love

5 Cultures That Prevent Acne, One Of Them Is The Style Of Love


Many things can cause them Hemorrhoids. One of them is the daily ritual.

So, what are the common habits that cause hemorrhoids?

Acne is one of the most annoying and irritating diseases. Hemorrhoids are inflammation or swelling of the blood vessels at the end of the large intestine (rectum) and anus.

This condition is caused by increased pressure in the blood vessels around the anus. Most of the time, this happens because of too much pressure.

Generally, hemorrhoids do not cause any symptoms and get better on their own. However, in severe cases, hemorrhoids can cause pain, itching, and bleeding after a bowel movement.

Causes of hemorrhoids

Before knowing the causes of hemorrhoids, it is good to know the types of hemorrhoids that a person may experience.

As reported from Whole HealthThere are two types of acne that a person can face, which are as follows.

1. Internal hemorrhoids

This type usually develops in the large intestine leading to the anus. This type is not visible to the naked eye. Hemorrhoids are generally painless, but they often cause bleeding.

In some cases, internal hemorrhoids can protrude through the anus and appear, which is called a prolapse. When this happens, they will usually go back into the anus on their own or they may be pushed back.

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2. External hemorrhoids

A woman sitting on the toilet and using a mobile phone - a view of the conspirators.Example. There are many conditions that cause hemorrhoids that should be known. (iStockphoto/KittisakJirasittichai)

This is a type of hemorrhoid that develops under the skin outside the anus. This hemorrhoid will feel very tender and may be tender or painful.

Bleeding can develop in this type of hemorrhoid, which is known as thrombotic hemorrhoid. This condition can cause severe and progressive pain.

Hail causes hemorrhoids

So, what habits cause hemorrhoids and should be avoided? Here are some of them, where they bring different information.

1. European

Sometimes, when you have a bowel movement, you won’t realize that you’re pushing hard. According to the Mayo Clinic, stress is one of the main causes of hemorrhoids.

2. Sitting on the toilet for a long time

Apparently, sitting on the toilet too much can cause hemorrhoids. Maybe this is considered trivial, but you should move immediately when the business ends.

3. Anal sex

Normally, penetration is only between the penis and the vagina. But, some people like to have sex through the anus, that is to enter through the anus. This practice is not only new, but also dangerous to health.

4. Eat fiber-free food

Fiber is important for the body. Lack of fiber can cause constipation which can lead to hemorrhoids.

5. Take responsibility

Heavy lifting is often dangerous because it is one of the habits that cause hemorrhoids.


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