5 Creative Eye Makeup and Makeup Artistry

5 Creative Eye Makeup and Makeup Artistry

Eye makeup is not complete without washing the color off eyelash. Products makeup this cannot be separated from women even makeup even easier. Eye shadow always be sweet to your eyes when you want to meet many people. So this time there is inspiration to use eyelash unique and wonderful that you can imitate. Check it out here!

1. Rainbow Eyeshadow

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To do look here, you just need to use some eyelash neon, like red, hot pink, and blue. If you like color eyelash more out, you can use the first eye first before. Focus on application eyelash on the outside of the eye, so that the eyes are more open and wide.

2. Lilac Cut Crease

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For the color lovers among you lilacyou can apply eyelash lilac all over the eyelids are also used eyelash dark purple color that serves as emphasis on the eye line. Yes, more glitter okay again.

3. Neon

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The train makeup at the beginning of 2022 is highlighted by the appearance of the new season of the series Euphoria. In the series, the actors show eye makeup that is amazing, unique, and impresses the editor. One of them is the kind of makeup they use eyelash purple yes eyelash orange neon.

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4. Coral Galore

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Inspiration eyelash and you can use coral and bright orange colors, to create similar eye makeup surgical. This eye makeup uses only two colors, but thanks to the technique mixing (blood) is perfect, the result looks smooth. Easy and fresh!

5. Steel Blue

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This color was popular in the 1980s, and now it is back in style. No wonder, blue makeup is a must when attending events. You can also combine blue with other colors like orange and dark brown. With this technique, the resulting eye makeup is less flashy and the gradations created make the eye makeup more beautiful.

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