5 Chinese New Year Avoidances You Can’t Do

5 Chinese New Year Avoidances You Can’t Do

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Before the Chinese New Year, or better known as the Chinese New Year that comes on January 22, Chinese people often hold various festivals. This time, many interesting events were held, from decorating with Chinese New Year decorations, and preparing special dishes. This festival is also held as a family gathering place.

Chinese New Year is used to get together with loved ones. In addition to the festive celebrations, Chinese New Year traditions are associated with many traditions and customs. Excerpted from Liputan6.com, see in full below.

1. Clean House

One of the taboos during Chinese New Year that you should avoid is sweeping the house or cleaning the house. The reason is that cleaning the house or taking out the trash is associated with “clearing wealth and luck.”

This has led many Chinese who welcome the Chinese New Year to clean their homes before the New Year. To avoid this task, all household cleaning tools must be hidden before the new year. This is because the presence of household cleaning equipment can eliminate one’s prosperity.

However, it is allowed to clean the house the day after the Chinese New Year, as long as the garbage collected does not go beyond the door of the house. Because if this prohibition is violated, it is believed that this may lead to the death of a family member.

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