5 British royal rules that Princess Diana broke

5 British royal rules that Princess Diana broke


The dead Princess Diana known as eccentric and brave. In the family United Kingdomand he is known as an interesting person.

Ex-wife King Charles III he is still loved by the British people, and even the world, as a man who inspired them.

The British Empire is known to have a strict set of rules, which have become the norm from year to year. Members of the royal family had to follow this rule, including Princess Diana, who was then the wife of Prince (now King) Charles.

The British princess known as the ‘Queen of Hearts’ died in a tragic accident in Paris in 1997. During her lifetime, her hero violated many royal laws.

However, instead of being hated, it was his courage to break the royal order that made him admired by many people to this day.

As reported from CNNHere are five royal rules that Princess Diana broke.

1. Remove the word ‘obey’ from marriage vows

It has long been a tradition for married British royalty to say they will obey their husbands while taking their vows.

However, when Diana married Prince Charles in 1981, the word ‘obedience’ was not spoken. Diana removed the word ‘obedience’ and preferred to promise her love, comfort, respect, and care in sickness and in health.

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Diana’s actions were known to break and violate royal tradition. However, his daughters-in-law, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, followed in his footsteps by not using the word ‘obey’ when they took their wedding vows.

2. Teach their children to fight

(FILES) Princess Diana (L), Prince Harry, (C) and Prince William (R) gather to commemorate VJ Day, 19 August 1995, in London.  Prince William turned 25 on Thursday 21 June 2007, and in doing so he was able to claim part of the multi-million pound (Euro, dollar) inheritance left to him by his late mother, Princess Diana.  The second in line has now been given access to the income collected on the £6.5 million he left in his mother's will after she died 10 years ago in a car crash in Paris.  AFP PHOTO/JOHNNY EGGITT/FILES (Photo by JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP FILES/AFP)Princess Diana sent her two children to public schools. (PHOTO/JOHNNY EGGITT AFP)

Diana once again broke tradition and made history when she decided to send her son, Prince William, to a primary school outside Buckingham Palace. In the past, aspirants to the throne studied by staying at home with a girl.

Princess Diana, who used to work as a teacher’s assistant, chose the junior school because she wanted Prince William to get a regular education like other British children. The same was done to his second child, Prince Harry, by sending him to the same school.

Diana’s choice to send her two children to a public school not only showed her determination not to break the royal code, but also to expose them to their everyday lives.

3. Ignoring the negative stigma of people with AIDS

Another breach of protocol that Princess Diana committed was when she visited AIDS patients at London’s Middlesex Hospital in 1987. This made Diana’s name famous.

At that time, the virus became a global health problem and was often associated with misunderstanding and stigma. It was then that Diana shook the AIDS patient’s hand without gloves in order to change the shame about the patient.

This sent a clear message that a member of the royal family was not afraid to touch a person with AIDS which at that time was thought to be spread through touch.

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4. Choose a modern style

Princess Diana not only occasionally broke royal rules in her fashion choices as she often opted for more modern and casual outfits.

Diana once attended a party at the Royal Opera House, London, wearing a stunning black dress. According to reports, the palace does not know what dress to wear.

For the royal family, wearing black is something that cannot be done except during mourning. Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family prefer to wear bright colored clothes to be easily recognized.

5. Go barefoot in public

Diana, Princess of Wales, right, and her partner Dodi Fayed, travel on a yacht in the French Riviera resort of St.  Tropez, Aug.  22, 1997. The news of the death of Princess Diana at the age of 36 in this tragic accident in Paris The traffic tunnel continues to shake, even after a quarter of a century.  (Patrick Bar/Nice Matin via AP)During her life as a member of the royal family, Princess Diana often defied the rules. (AP/Patrick Barr)

In 1991, Diana ran with other parents to celebrate Sports Day at Wetherby School. He ran barefoot and lost the race.

Most royals are expected to wear their shoes when in public.

Most of these royal rules are simple enough to learn and don’t need to be spoken. One of them also includes having clean and tidy shoes. However, Diana didn’t let these rules get in the way of her happiness.


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