5 Actor/Director Associations of American Cinema

5 Actor/Director Associations of American Cinema

Brad Pitt surprised the Césars by inviting himself to the ceremony to present the honorary award to his friend David Fincher. Let’s take this opportunity to return to five collaborations between actors and directors that have shaped American cinema.

1.Johnny Depp / Tim Burton

In the unique universe of Tim Burton, one face stands out: that of Johnny Depp. The 59-year-old actor has starred in no fewer than eight of the director’s films. By Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Mad HatterAlice in Wonderland through the musical Sweeny Toddhe interprets all roles crazier than anyone else.

Their first collaboration dates back to the famous 1990 Edward with the scissor hands. In this film he gives the answer to his partner at the time: Winona Ryder. However, he is most commonly associated with Helena Bonham-Carter, Tim Burton’s wife. They share the poster in 7 feature films, all directed by the same man…

2. Samuel L Jackson / Quentin Tarantino

Always in supporting roles, Samuel L. Jackson is one of Quentin Tarantino’s most frequently cast actors. How not to mention his role in pulp Fiction in which he recites this biblical cult verse alongside John Travolta. Just to mention, we all think of his menacing stance, his black suit, pistol in hand, pointed at a man.

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After playing in the first two kill Billhe interpreted Stephen in 2012 Django Unchained. In a cast worn by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Foxx or even Chirtoph Waltz, it shapes the mind above all through its physical… peculiarity. Tarantino and Jackson have collaborated on six feature films!

3. Martin Scorsese/Robert De Niro

The collaboration between these two cinema giants has shaped the history of the 7th art. The 9 films they made together stand out from their immense respective careers. freedmen (1990), casino (1995), The Irishman (2019) so many titles that will appeal to movie lovers.

Their associations have often been rewarded: Martin Scorsese received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1976 for taxi driver ; In 1981, the Oscar for best actor went to De Niro wild bull !

4.Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks

When you pair one of the greatest directors and creators of all time with one of the most award-winning actors, you get great movies. As stop me if you can (2002), Le Terminal (2004), The Bridge of Spies (2015) or even Pentagon Papers (2017), these two geniuses have worked together five times. The most significant collaboration between the two remains the famous one The soldier James Ryanreleased in 1998. The film, adored by critics and audiences alike, offers its director the Oscar and the Golden Globe for best director, among others…

5.David Fincher/Brad Pitt

Among the most notable films by David Fincher are Seven (1995) fight club (1999), et The Strange Story of Benjamin Button (2008). Their common point? They are all led by Brad Pitt. In the film’s first crime thriller, he stirs up empathy; he’s frighteningly insane in the second alongside Edward Norton; and moving in the last, where he interprets a character doomed to live with an inverted age cycle. How not to be drawn by the end of each of these films? All viewers remember this package in Seventhe inverse of fight club or the emotions provoked by Benjamin Button. The complicity between the two was detailed by the actor to the Césars, where he praised who he considers his “partner in crime”.

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… from Maël Bourgoin