40+ Beautiful HD Photos Of ATEEZ’s “HALAZIA” Performance On “Inkigayo” That Will Make You Swoon – KpopNews

40+ Beautiful HD Photos Of ATEEZ’s “HALAZIA” Performance On “Inkigayo” That Will Make You Swoon – KpopNews

ATEEZ kicked off 2023 with one of their most epic comebacks yet with the high-energy hit “HALAZIA,” and their performances are just as phenomenal. The song even earned them the highest award for music show of the year, which must be a sign that the K-pop group has big things ahead of them this year!

Recently great HD photos from the performance of the group “HALAZIA” in believe have been released and you won’t want to miss them. Here are over 40 of the images!


Captain Hongjoong looks exactly like the role he plays as the leader of a revolution for ATEEZ’s lore concept, and we live for it!

He looks so powerful and charismatic dressed all in black with fun makeup to boot!


Just when we think Seonghwa couldn’t get any prettier, he proves us wrong with every performance on stage!

Switching so easily between her bright, happy self and her intense stage presence, she is the definition of duality.


Dance King Yunho deserves so much praise for his incredible acting skills that he makes it look easy despite the difficult choreography.

Seeing him with so much character and intensity is a treat considering how bright and puppy-like he is!

4. Yesang

This era is definitely a time for Yeosang to shine, and we love that her stylist lets her birthmark show during performances!

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And thank you to those who continue to style it in tank tops.

5. Saints

Stage demon San proves once again why he deserves his title with the amount of energy and charisma he puts into each of his performances!

Seeing him on stage is like seeing a masterful work of art emerge and we just can’t get enough of it.

6. Mingui

Mingi’s stylist definitely seemed to have fun with her outfit for this scene, even though the hat hides most of her amazingly fiery hair!

He looks so comfortable and confident on stage these days that we love watching him.


Wooyoung’s cherry red hair isn’t the only reason he stands out at ATEEZ performances, as his dancing skills and endless energy are captivating!

He fits very well into this era of the group and proves once again why he’s part of ATEEZ’s impressive dance line-up.

8.Jong Ho

Jongho’s intense presence coupled with his phenomenal voice make him a force to be reckoned with every time he takes the stage!

We will never forget how perfectly he is able to follow the other members in his choreography while hitting each of his impressive notes with no problem!